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Wedding Photography Website

Having an up to date and well maintained wedding photography website is quite necessary these days! Even if you are a complete novice on a PC or the internet. It is well worth your while and expense to have a nice looking, well designed website made up at some point.

The first point of contact and communication these days for many Brides and wedding photographers is through the photographers’ website.

If you read enough photography forums and online chat rooms, you may be a little put out or confused as many people talk or argue about the latest "flash" websites that have a dreamy and extremely professional look about them versus a traditional HTML or WordPress website.

Don't be flash

If wedding photography Flash sites float your boat, then have a look at BlueDomain. They also host standard HTML sites. For what it is worth, I like to look at other photographers work for inspiration. If I come across a conceited, slow loading flash site with all manner of rambling, poetic mumbo jumbo, I click straight out 99% of the time.

I am sure that many couples are like me. They just want to see nice images, quickly and well presented with an idea of price range. I have never gone for a particularly flashy site and have always managed to get plenty of work, but that is just me!

Only the best will do!

As long as you build a wedding photography website and host only your best work in a way that is easy to navigate and read, you will do just fine. Let your pictures and packages do the hard work for you.

If you really want to learn about building a wedding photography website in an easy to learn and ultra efficient way, then read on. These could be wedding photography websites or a site about any other hobbies or interest that you may have.

I started building the my professional photography website back in 2005. 2006 was extremely successful and 2007 was almost entirely booked with weddings in Spain, Tuscany (Italy) and the Park Lane Hotel in London. Mostly down to my building of

At the time, I ranked number one on all major search engines for the term: "Wedding photographer Costa del Sol".

Note from 2014: Link and page now removed as I don’t shoot weddings in Spain anymore so sadly my ranking for that term is long gone : (

Back in the UK

We have now moved back from Spain (since 2007). My wedding photography website, (or just a single page of it) is where most of my wedding photography work came from in Spain.

I knew nothing of web-building, websites or the internet at the time. However, I was determined to learn after seeing some incredible results with a friend of mine using the same company. So I gave it a go myself seeing as it is so cheap and they literally do all the hard work for you.

Now, nearly 10 years on, I have moved over to WordPress (.org NOT .com) and love the entire framework and interface. My sites receive good traffic each month and that traffic is importantly targeted.

Now try searching for "Aerial Video Dorset" and see if I come up on page one?

Take time to build a decent wedding photography website!

Do your own research, find the best solution for you but work at it. Do something on the site a least every week whether it's a blog post, promotion, article etc. The sooner you start, the sooner you will rank and start to get good traffic.

Anyway, if you decide to take my advice and build your own wedding photography website or if you let someone do it for you (and pay them $000’s), remember to show only your best work!

Update July 2021: Would you like a professional photography website built by a professional web designer and photographer? If so, and I only build a few each month, go to my web design website for more information. 

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