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Wedding Photo Albums

Making the Wedding Photo Albums Photobooks and Slideshows

Depending on the package you offer, you will be giving final images to the couple in one form or another. These can include;

  • A finished, traditional wedding photo album
  • A trendy coffee table photobook
  • A DVD slideshow - Check out Pro Show by Photopia for a free trial
  • A personal, professional wedding photography website
  • Prints or framed enlargements
  • All images on DVD at high resolution to print as they wish
  • If you are lucky‚Ķall of the above!

Whichever you do, make sure the job is done well and done to perfection. The final product is, in effect, your portfolio that is out there for all to see. Do a good job and the referrals will come flooding in.

Note: The easiest way for a bride to find a photographer is through the referral from a friend or work colleague.

First Impressions Count

I have learnt that the very first presentation you give at the initial meeting with the wedding couple is paramount. It will determine pretty much there and then if you get the job.

I literally cringe when remembering my first presentations. Me, a small camera bag with:

  • One camera
  • One lens
  • A single speedlight
  • A bunch of mediocre images loose in a cheap folder!

Needless to say I didn't get that first job but I never gave up. I felt so bad, and embarrassed enough that I decided to get my act together. Things are quite different now and I now know that those first impressions really do count.

I spent a bit of money in order to get the perfect presentation to suit my own particular style. However, it is worth it for the work it has brought in. All I need to concentrate on now is myself and hope that the couple like my work and me! Obviously my prices need to fit their budget too.

Not to say that I am overly expensive but not all couples are the same with the same budget. I can be likeable sometimes too you know!

Times Have Changed

I now have a simple but stylish presentation that shows my professionalism, attention to detail and perfectionist attitude. The Asukabook and Lightscribe DVD slideshow in the image above, didn't cost the earth to be made up. You get your fist Asukabook for half price as a working professional photographer. Clients cannot order these direct.

Go to their website (UK), order one and tell them Nick Stubbs from All Things Photography sent you. You may even get more off ; )

I will cover this more in the marketing section where we discuss how to get those bookings. However, for now, the wedding photo albums you make for the couple should be the same (if not better) than the ones you show in your portfolio presentation).

So, let's start with the traditional wedding photo album

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