An Introduction to Property Photography

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Introduction to Property Photography

Please note: This mini course was written a long time ago and is now only recommended for beginners. Techniques and technology have changed a lot so this section will be updated soon. Thank you.

- Nick Stubbs - July 2021

As an introduction to property photography, let me thank you for reading this free e-book. A lot of time went into writing it and I hope that it propels you to where you want to be in the photography world.

This is unlike many photography e-books and tutorials out there that explain how to get started in child and portrait and wedding photography. I have narrowed things down here to one particular "not so common" area or "niche".

With a little guidance and effort this can be quite lucrative and will inevitably lead to many other avenues of paid work in photography.


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With property and real estate photography, you may think that you are tied to that particular area. However, as I found out myself on many occasions, a good proportion of the jobs that I did led to other work. Work that I would never have been offered had I not been in this market.

The beauty of photographing properties is that it is just you, your camera gear and the property in most instances. You have time on your side to get it right. When you do get it right, other photography work just falls into your lap.

After photographing properties where I live, I have received numerous other commissions based on the quality of my work. These include portraits, model portfolios and lifestyle assignments where we hired 4 models and 2 speedboats for a day.

I was even offered the job of a reportage photographer recording digital stills of the making of a new movie! Unfortunately (for me) this meant travelling to and from Brazil for 6 months during my wife’s pregnancy so I turned it down.


My point is this. By getting yourself out there and doing an outstanding job for someone, you just never know who you will meet and what opportunities may arise. The beauty of property photography is that you have more chance of meeting those influential and "good to know" people.

This area of photography may be something that you have never considered or know anything about. However, once you understand what is required and how easy it can be to do, a new world opens up. One that not many photographers get the chance to see.

You will learn a new set of skills in this introduction to property photography. They will not only help you with interior photography, but in portraiture and weddings too. I will show you later on in the book, how to put into practice all that you learn here to your advantage in these other fields. Both as a skilled, professional photographer and also in monetary terms.

For now, all you need to do is read and absorb the information in this book. Understand it and practice what you have learnt. Later, I will show you how and where to market yourself to ensure a steady stream of work and income.

Remember to leave comments and suggestions throughout please. I will answer where I can and use the information to help re-write this course. Thanks!

- Nick Stubbs

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