Photographing the Property

Time to start shooting!

Spanish Villa Property Photography

Photographing the Property - Later on in this book/section, I will describe each room found in most average sized properties. I'll also explain how best to approach each one individually, but first I would like to cover the following;

  • 1
    Setting up the Camera
  • 2
    Setting up the Lights and Lighting
  • 3
    Exposure and why it is important to get it right; Aperture/Shutter Speed
  • 4
    Making the Most of Fittings and Props
  • 5
    Dealing with Reflections
  • 6
    Photographing Individual Rooms

Each of the above sections continues on from the last so there is no need to keep coming back to this list. However, please use the index of pages to your right (or below if on a Smartphone).

There is a lot to do before you even start photographing the property, it's all about organisation and preparation. If you get into some sort of routine with your business, you will flourish.

Become an expert at each point whether it is:

  • Building a website
  • Dealing with potential clients
  • Pricing your business to suit your demograph
  • The photography bit
  • After sales and promotion

If you take it seriously enough, you could make a nice career or even part time business from property photography. What better way to spend your days noseying around people's lovely houses whilst earning a living?

Spanish Villa and Swimming Pool Photography
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