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Property Photography Resources

A Few Useful Resources for the Property Photographer

I just wanted to include some resources that I thought some of you might find useful. Any questions, please leave them in the comments below. Thanks.


Site Building

The last resource that I would recommend has been one of the most information packed resources I have found. If you want great exposure to your work and haven't got a website already, this is one resource you should look to.

I have a fair few built photography portfolio sites in the past. Even though they "looked" the part, no matter what I did I could not encourage traffic to visit my site.

Even if you want to build a site other than photography, you should check WA out! Learn to build successful websites. Have a read up and see if it doesn't make sense to you too! At the very least, the training and tools are worth the money.

For a pure photography portfolio based website, look at Bigfolio and Big Black Bag.

Want more bang for your buck, support, training and the most up to date web development tools available? Check out Thrive Themes!

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