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Why Should Photographers Shoot Video? Are You a Photographer Too?

Video Tips and Techniques

Welcome to the ATP videography tips page

I have been into the "moving" image for nearly as long as I have stills. My first "important" job was back in 1985 when I filmed my grandparents golden wedding anniversary at the age of 18.

It just happened to be Live Aid day and the hottest day of the year. A day I will always remember as we had all the family with us, from far and wide (including Denmark). We partied in the garden from 10am long into that night.

Video is simply just a series of still images shown at high speed and my new favourite imaging technique is time lapse. A kind of "in between" from stills to video. You can see some time lapse examples, as well as some more of my sample video clips, here:

Videography Tips and Timelapses

Whilst I am by means no expert in videography, I am a professional videographer. I've also had some success in selling stock videography clips through various agencies. I have also produced my own set of wedding photography training DVD’s in the past.

Learning a lot along the way, I even started filming various parts of weddings using a HD camcorder back in 2007. I wanted to add audio and "moving" pictures to my slideshows thinking it could be a valuable upsell for the wedding. To offer the couple a high definition, Blu Ray DVD of the ceremony, speeches and first dance if they didn’t have a professional videographer on the day.

Filming Girls Aloud

I even ended up filming the entire Girls Aloud gig at a wedding in Italy whilst photographing it at the same time. The couple LOVED that, especially as no-one else there captured it. I managed to capture a cool out-take where "the Irish one" got attacked by a bug. Much to Cheryl Cole Tweedy Versini Fernandez Tweedy Payne Tweedy’s amusement!

Sadly I cannot show the video but here is a still from the performance:

Videography Tips and Filming Concerts

These parts of the wedding are relatively easy to set up to video. You can learn how to:

  • Do this alone
  • With no assistant
  • While you photograph the wedding

...throughout these pages of videography tips.

Digital photography has a rather steep learning curve to make your images stand out from the "snapshot brigade". For example, you need to know how various settings and pieces of equipment or accessories can help to produce better images than without.

Videography is no different . Whilst it has its pros and cons over stills photography, there is still a lot to think about when shooting video for fun or for a living. Merging the two can be quite tricky.

Please note: The following links (or lack of) are redundant at the moment. They are there to let you know what we will be adding in the future. Please bookmark us and come back regularly as we add more pages.

Videography Tips Topics To Come...

  • Sell Stock Videography
  • Formats and Codecs
  • Sound and Audio
  • Video Stabilisation - Holding the Camera Steady
  • Exposure and Zebras
  • Shutter Speeds
  • Apertures
  • Slow Motion
  • Time Lapse Video
  • Lighting
  • Gain, Grain and Noise
  • Filters (ND, Grad etc)
  • Regions (PAL/NTSC)
  • Light Flicker (It Hertz)
  • Focussing
  • Focus Pulling
  • Focus Peaking
  • Stabilisers and Stabilisation
  • White Balance
  • Internal and External Microphones
  • Adding Music and Other Audio to Video
  • Rendering and Output

The appeal of video for me has always been the way that combining moving images with great audio has such an effect of our emotions. Even with photography I started creating slideshows with music almost as soon as I had started digital photography.

I would recommend that anyone interested in digital photography, especially in this crazy "videocentric" world we are living in, starts to learn the ins and outs of video too. After all, I can almost guarantee that most of you have video features in your cameras, smartphones or tablets!

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