Digital Compact Cameras

One of the Fastest Selling Products in the World

Digital Compact Cameras

Why? Digital Compact Cameras, will:

  • Do all the work for you, allowing you to just "Point-and Shoot"!
  • Store more 4000 photos on one card (even more on the larger SD cards)
  • Shoot YouTube ready HD video
  • check
    Fit in Your Pocket or Purse
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    Prices range from around £80 - £500

They are constantly being updated, made smaller, more convenient, simpler to use and stylish! The market is now flooded with hundreds of compact digital cameras to choose from, so how do YOU make the right choice? Hopefully, I can help.

Before you do anything, check our buying guide!

Don't be fooled by flashing lights, gimmicks and gizmo’s, they are there to make you buy! You will soon become bored with them and realise the camera doesn’t do what you want.

Do you want it to:

  • Fit in your purse, pocket or bag?
  • Hold as many photographs as possible?
  • Have a choice of different media storage?
  • Have a good zoom lens?
  • Take HD/4K video as well as photos?
  • Store audio for narration on pictures?

Show me the reviews for digital compact cameras!

What I haven't done, is build a site with thousands of digital compact camera reviews. There are plenty out there already and I would always recommend Amazon for that. Anyway, by the time you have finished reviewing them all, more than 100 newer cameras would have been released!

So where do I start?

Go to one of the sites listed below, select the category you want (I.e. megapixels, brand, digital SLR etc.). Then once on the page, sort the list by "Bestselling". This will give you the best sellers of each camera which tells you a couple of things. The general public have done their own research, bought the item and reviewed it for you.

All you need to do is select the digital compact that takes your fancy, check the price and read the review. Saves hours of research on your part. It is a lot to think about and take in, so once you have an idea of what you want, have a play around in Amazons' website (link above). They have all the products at excellent prices, and the reviews are written by real Amazon customers.

These cameras all offer excellent image quality and portability. If you just want a handy point and shoot, these will fit the bill.

One of our favourite stores are B and H Photo Video in New York and Amazon worldwide (see below). Both of their customer service departments and delivery records are excellent and the actual stores are simply amazing. They both have just about anything photography and video related that you can imagine at excellent prices!