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For further discounts, send dark chocolate (just kidding...maybe)

We are opening up the possibility for you to have a sponsored item featured at All Things Photography for a limited number of advertisers.

If you would like a:

  • Blog Post
  • Featured Article
  • Product Review

Permanently hosted on ATP, please get in touch below.

Criteria for Your Sponsored Blog Post

Any content received for consideration must have the following criteria:

  1. 1
    The content must fit in with All Things Photography's overall theme of photography, video, gadgets and business tips
  2. 2
    A minimum of 500 words
  3. 3
    Accompanying, high quality images (we will show a smaller image of 700px with the ability for a reader to click to view larger for most images)
  4. 4
    Links to any YouTube or Vimeo video you have and would like to be embedded
  5. 5
    It must be unique to ATP (i.e. not hosted elsewhere)
  6. 6
    Please include a call to action or link to a relevant site or blog

Important Note: The content will be marked as "sponsored" at the end.

Also, Google checks sponsored posts and penalise "dofollow" tags on any link to your site. By adding dofollow links, it will spoil your (and our) business in the long run. Sooner or later, Google, Bing etc will recognise the "dofollow" links and before you know it, either site (or both) could be out of the search engines.

Page rank doesn't exist any more so just enjoy the exposure and possible traffic.


Our Domain Authority (DA) is currently 46 and our Page Authority (PA) is 48. The average Domain Authority out of 100,000 websites tested is 35 so we are doing pretty well for such a large sector.

We have a Page Rank of 4 and have been live since February 2005. Our social stats (as at 2021) are:

  • Facebook Likes (ATP) - 3,920
  • Facebook Likes (WPB) - 5,402
  • Newsletter Subscribers - 6,000
  • Monthly Visitors - 9,000

With that in mind, our standard rates for a single blog post, article or product review are:

  • 1 item - £125
  • 2 items - £225 (£25 discount)
  • 3 items - £300 (£75 discount)

Note: Obviously the rates go up if you would like us to write the copy for you so please let us know using the form below. We can then get in touch to discuss your requirements.


Your post will be added to both Facebook pages and sent out with our regular newsletter. It will also be featured on our homepage for a short time with permanent residence on the site thereafter.

  1. 1
    Reviews will be added to our product reviews page: https://www.all-things-photography.com/photography-equipment-and-software-reviews/
  2. 2
    Articles will be added to our articles page here: https://www.all-things-photography.com/photography-articles/
  3. 3
    Blog posts will go onto the blog in chronological order as always: https://www.all-things-photography.com/blog/

Once we receive your draft, it will be assessed and, all being well, published within 48 hours.

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