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Photography Articles

Welcome to our photography articles page. Hopefully, in time we will add more and more useful articles including those submitted by you that are well written, informative and of course interesting to our readers. The purpose of good photography articles should be to provide useful and helpful information. Articles on a variety of photography subjects from:

  • Digital or film photography
  • Wedding photography
  • Commercial photography
  • Macro photography
  • Still life photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Aerial photo and video
  • Videography
  • Digital imaging

...and anything else you can think of.

Do you still use film? What are your reasons? Have you just gone digital and have something to say? Have you found that perfect accessory that we just have to have? Each of your photography articles should be at least 400 words long and the information should ideally come from personal experience.

They should include examples, brand names (if necessary), equipment, techniques, suggestions, hints, tips and interesting stories and experiences. It is extremely important that the photography articles you submit to us are 100% original and exclusive to ATP.

We will check this before making your article live on our website as Google frowns upon duplicate content scattered over the web. You can add a link to your own personal web page if you wish, in order to back up any advice with example photographs and images.

By submitting an article, you agree that all articles will be subject to review and minor alterations with regard to spelling and grammar if necessary. Please email all articles and images to us here.

General Photography

Photography Articles - Starting out in photography

What advice would I give my young photographer self 40 years ago?

Photography Articles - Stepping out of your comfort zone

Take risks and challenges head on with your photography business.

Photography Articles - Beginning Digital Photography

So you've bought a DSLR, now what are you going to do with it?

Learning to See Creatively

Developing a creative eye is about seeing things in a different way...

Film vs Digital

The film vs digital debate goes on, and on. I think digital might win but what do you think?

Digital Camera Cleaning

Cleaning camera lenses, sensors, mirrors and generally looking after your kit!

Photography Articles - Cleaning Camera Sensors

Learn to look after your camera's sensor and clean it only when necessary.

Photography Articles - Always Have Your Camera Ready

Always be ready to photograph the unexpected. Anytime, anywhere.

Photography Articles - Winter Photography

Don't fear or despise winter. Embrace it and get out there and capture it!

Photography Articles - Winter Photography 2

Come on! Take your camera out this winter and have some fun!

Photography Articles - What Makes Good Photography

The film vs digital debate goes on, and on. I think digital might win but what do you think?

Photography Articles - Using a Camera Phone

Are you using a smartphone with video? Do you shoot stills or video with it...or both?

Photography Articles - Time Lapse Photography

Learn to shoot amazing time lapses including the holy grail of time lapse.

Photography Articles - Shooting Corporate Headshots

How to shoot headshots quickly, efficiently and of course, profitably.

Photography Articles - Film Photography

Putting a roll of film through an old SLR camera will teach you new skills.

Black and White Photography

In a colour saturated world, the power of a black and white image is undeniable.

Best Settings For Landscape Photography

How to shoot those beautiful landscapes that you see in magazines.

Corporate Headshot Photography Tips

How to have a successful corporate headshot photography session.

Videography Articles

Photography Articles - The Importance of Video

Many photographers are leaning towards capturing more video. Are you?

Aerial Photography/Video

Photography Articles - How to Fly a Drone

A few basic tips to get you started when flying drones or quadcopters.

Is the Mavic 3 Worth It?

The long-awaited DJI Mavic 3 drone. Was it worth the wait? Is it worth it?

Creating Dolly Zooms with DJI Mavic 3

Learn to create amazing Dolly Zooms with your high resolution drone!

Wedding Photography

Photography Articles - Amateur Wedding Photography Tips

Basic wedding photography tips for the amateur photographer.

Photography Articles - A Crash Course on Professional Wedding Photography

A crash course on professional wedding photography by Kenneth Caleno.

Photography Articles - Wedding Photography Guide for Brides

A guide for brides to make your wedding day go super smoothly.

Photography Articles - Keeping Your Cool at Weddings

A wedding photographer plays a large part in a wedding. Stay cool!

Photography Articles - Destination Wedding Photography

A lucrative business that requires a lot of preparation and organising.

Photography Articles - Getting in the Wedding Photography Zone

About to photograph a wedding? My advice is to take a chill pill and relax!

Photography Articles - Wedding Photographer Scam

This is the latest scam directed at wedding photographers. Be aware!

Photography Articles - Wedding Couples Image Request

10? 20? 50? Where do you draw the line and how to control that list.

Photography Articles - he Importance of the Engagement Shoot

Why the engagement shoot is important for all wedding photographers.

Photography Articles - Wedding Photography Case Study

Coping with the pressure of photographing a large wedding.

Photography Articles - 10 Vital Wedding Photography Tips

Ten quick but very useful tips for wedding photographers of all levels.

Wedding Photo Tips for Amateurs

A more extensive page of amateur wedding photography advice.

Photographic Equipment

Photography Articles - Buying a Digital Camera

A guide to buying your first Digital SLR (DSLR) or mirrorless camera.

Photography Articles - Long Term Photo Storage Devices

Storage devices and decent back up for your digital files and photos.

Photography Articles - Using Hand Held Flash Meters

The advantages of a meter over relying on the camera and speedlight.

Photography Articles - Digital Photo Printer Paper Guide

A comprehensive guide to different types of digital printer photo paper.

Photography Articles - Top 5 Printers for Photographers

How do you choose the printer that is right for you and what you need (2015).

Photography Articles - Digital Photo Frames

How digital photo frames are changing your home photos and how you display them.

Digital Imaging

Photography Articles - Photography Ethics and Photoshop

A guide to buying your first Digital SLR (DSLR) or mirrorless camera.

Photography Articles - Dedicated Film Scanner

Advantages of a dedicated film scanner for your film negatives.

Photography Articles - Batch Processing Images

Shave hours from your digital workflow using these batch processing methods.

Photography Articles - The Photo Fix

That burning desire to get the latest gadget, upgrade or "thing" at all costs.

Selling Your Photos

Photography Articles - Selling Your Photos

How to take photos for eBay that sell your stuff for a higher price.

Photography Articles - Stock Photography Earnings

So how much can you really earn from selling stock photography?

Photography Articles - Selling Premium Stock Photography

An alternative option to selling with the saturated microstock industry.

Photography Articles - Image Theft

Addressing the perils of publishing your precious images online.

Know Your Worth

Why it is paramount that your clients understand the true value of your work.

Technology Articles

Photography Articles - Future of Photography

My thoughts from 2007 about where the photography industry is going.

Photography Articles - Canon vs Chinon

A somewhat pointless test to see how a 1980's film camera compares to digital.

Camera Sensor Sizes

When is a 1" sensor not a 1" sensor? When it's on a DJI Air 2s that's when...

Moores Law and Cameras

Are we breaking Moore's Law in pursuit of more sales for lacklustre products?

Video Editing Tips

Video Editing Mistakes

One of the most infuriating errors I have made when editing video!

Hints and Tips

Photography Articles - Stay Motivated

Even professional photographers need motivation on occasion.

Photography Articles - Keep a Diary

Can keeping a diary for your photography business help with productivity.

Photography Articles - Camera and Multimedia Insurance

A guide to camera, indemnity and liability insurance for professionals.

Hyperfocal Distance

How to calculate and shoot images with the correct depth of field.

Time Lapse Bethlehem

A guide to shooting time lapses (in Bethlehem) by Mick Ryan.


Photography Articles - Controlling the Light

Learning to control the light will lead to better photography every time.

Photography Articles - Portrait Photography Lighting

An article on portrait photography lighting by Steve Barnes.

Photography Articles - Flash Basics

A short guide to flash photography by Kenneth Caleno.

Photography Articles - Create Textures in Photography

Using light to create texture in photography to grab their attention.

Marketing Material

Websites for Photographers

Learn how to build your own successful photographer's website!

Make Your Own Photobooks

Show off your best work with high quality, great looking photobooks.

Digital Photobooks

The benefits of using photobooks for your photography portfolio.

Interviews Events and People

Enduro Africa

The Ride for Life! 100 bikers hit the Wild Coast of South Africa for charity.

African Safari Photography

A tale of African adventures with great wildlife images by Grace Bryant.

West Country Walkabout

15 go mad in Dorset with their photography weekend walkabout in Weymouth!

David Bailey Thumb

The man behind the camera - The Guardian talks to David Bailey.

Chris Frost Landscapes

How to take stunning landscapes with an entry level DSLR and kit lens.

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