Essential Digital Camera Accessories

I’m a gadget freak and look for any reason to shop for accessories!

Whatever camera kit you have there will be some essential digital camera accessories that you could probably do without. However, if you had them, your life would be so much easier! I am a sucker for gadgets and gizmos and my office is jam packed with bits, bobs, cables, things and stuff just in case I need them someday, I think I get that from my grandmother.

The funny thing is, I usually find a need for most of it at some point (at least that is what I tell the wife)!

These essential digital camera accessories are mainly for DSLR users but some still apply to the advanced digicams that have the relevant ports needed to attach such peripherals. Have you been in a situation whilst photographing and suddenly your wish list springs to mind…

"If only I had a polarizing filter or a grey grad"! Or "I really could do with a tripod and remote release here". What about "I really need to get my speedlight off-camera here". A simple accessory or two could be the difference between getting the shot or not.

Take your accessories with you

I tend to always carry my full kit everywhere I go "just in case". It contains lots of little goodies that spring out just when I need them most such as the very handy and very portable Gorillapod. Priceless! Compared to the cost of say, a decent lens, the outlay for some of these items is minimal but the returns could be substantial with regards to what you are trying to capture.

If shooting microstock to try and make money with your camera, you may just miss that image. The one that might have scored you around 20 - 30 downloads a month or so. That is just enough to have paid for the accessory in the first place.

Now or later on, you may want to submit to the larger stock agencies or do more commercial work in general. Purely as an example of how essential a polarizer filter is to me, these three travel and property images were extremely bland without it. I am sure these sales would not have happened otherwise.

The Filter cost me less than $100 but the rewards for having deep, rich colours are obvious!

Click image below to see larger photo of Villa...

Essential Digital Camera Accessories

Check out our Digital Camera Accessories list below to see if there is anything you may have forgotten or just have to have! You have your camera, a set of nice lenses and some digital media of sorts. What else could help you in your quest for better digital photography without breaking the bank?

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