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Wedding Photography Tips - Bridal Portrait

Hello and welcome to our new and extensive Wedding Photography Tips section. Please use this part of our site to refer to often as you like. We will hopefully make your journey to becoming a successful wedding photographer that much easier.

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Now is probably the best time to say that wedding photography can be one of the most stressful and demanding careers. However, it is also one of the most enjoyable and lucrative professions within photography that there is.

It is hard work, tiring, no...exhausting and time-consuming. Except for when you are handing over a beautiful wedding album or book and see the look of pleasure on the brides face. It can then be a very rewarding experience both financially and personally.

Before I start I would like to give you some background on myself so you can see where I am coming from.

I would also like to state early on that this whole digital wedding photography tips section is free. It is based purely on my own experiences and recommendations after feedback from many people involved in weddings and wedding photography.

Feedback from:

  • The families
  • Officials
  • Planners and organisers
  • The couple themselves

What's Included?

I will include mistakes and cock-ups to show that nobody is perfect...far from it. However, a strong desire to succeed and a "perfectionist attitude" will go a long way to moving you up in this highly competitive market.

I am a full-time, professional photographer and I attended my first wedding in 1984. It was as an assistant at 16 years old during an apprenticeship with a local, well known photographer in Kent.

I shot my first solo wedding at 23 or 24 in the early 1990’s using a Canon EOS 5 and a Mamiya RBZ67. I immediately felt the buzz! It was as a favour for a family member so in some respects the pressure was more than if it were a stranger.

Note: For the record, that was also the last wedding I ever shot as a favour or for friends or family. You will see why as we progress.

One year, I shot close to 40 weddings, (not many some would say, I will come to this later also) with 12 in that June alone. I made myself a mental note after this season to teach myself to say "No!" now and again.

I have shot weddings of all shapes and sizes in a variety of locations and religions/traditions so I hope to make these wedding photography tips as diverse as possible;

Some of these weddings include;

  • Traditional English church weddings
  • A 2 person wedding in a cave in Spain
  • On board a posh catamaran in Puerto Banus harbour
  • In a converted monastery in the middle of nowhere
  • A "Wiccan" wedding for White Witches in the heart of the New Forest in England (Jumping of the broomstick included!)
  • 6 Star, "no-expense-spared" Jewish weddings with hundreds of guests
  • Beach weddings

I have no favourites as each wedding is different. The Bridal Party and guests are what really make it a hit or miss affair with regards to the success of your photography. Of course, a spectacular location and good weather make your job that much easier and enjoyable. However, with un-cooperating people, all that goes to waste!

My point here and as a start to these wedding photography tips is that you must be prepared for any situation. Above all, research the wedding to death well before you arrive on the big day and that is where hopefully this entire section will help.

Wedding Photography Tips - Time out for the couple

I am going to start by assuming your details and availability have been requested for a wedding? Then I can work my way through the entire process. I'll cover other things such as recommended equipment, presentation, pricing and marketing at the end.

Remember, these wedding photography tips are my "thoughts" and personal experiences told in a way that I would tell my son if and when he ever wants to shoot weddings. It is important for you to develop your own style, demeanor and structure early on in your career.

Note: Before I go any further, two things...

  1. 1
    This whole section of wedding photography tips includes some images. To see them (and others), larger and with a better description, visit the wedding gallery once you have read this book. Alternatively, have the gallery open and simply refer to relevant images as you read. Copyright notice: All images on this site and all wedding photography images used in this section are strictly copyrighted.
  2. 2
    I am sharing over 20 years of experience for free. The way I see it I am giving something back after whatever successes (and f**k ups) I have had. This section has also taken me months to write and get online. 

Thank you

So, if you want to show your gratitude, especially if this helps you to start out and secure your first wedding, you can leave a tip at the end (€1 or €10, it doesn’t matter). Or you can make a promise to "pass it on" and share with someone else when they need it (yeah, yeah, the promise option sounds good)!

So, let’s start with the initial meeting after being contacted for a quote.

Remember to leave comments and suggestions throughout please. I will answer where I can. Thanks!

- Nick Stubbs

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