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Build a Wedding Photography Website

Build a Wedding Photography Website for Your Clients

If you want to be the ultimate professional wedding photographer and include and build a wedding photography website for your clients as part of your top end packages, you will reap the rewards in many ways.

Once booked, you can start to build a “simple-to-make” and cheap-but-professional looking website for your clients. It can include:

  • Dates and schedules
  • Venues
  • Gift Registry
  • Stories
  • Guest book
  • Directions
  • Engagement photos (a good reason to add an engagement session to your package)
  • Eventual Wedding Photos
  • Links to you and your website
  • Excellent referral and promotional potential

Once started, the clients themselves take over the running of the site and can host and pay for it for as long as they like. Anywhere from a year or two before the wedding to a year or two after the wedding or just a few months.

What's in it for you?

The exposure to your business and reprint orders builds extremely quickly as they promote you through the site for as long as it is up and running.

Here are some testimonials from happy clients:

  • “I searched all over”
  • “Where do I start? This is the best wedding website. I searched all over and looked at many different wedding websites to decide which one to use and yours was by far the best. The designs are amazing”
  • “Awesome resource”
  • “Our friends and family are amazed when they see our site. I was able to get the site up in two days after getting engaged. I would recommend this site to anyone”

Whether your wedding is tomorrow, in one month, or in 2 years, you have multiple website options. All to help you share your wedding online. So why not visit their site to check it out. Added to your services as a photographer, it may just get those extra bookings in. Everything you need to start building a wedding photography website and make it a success.

Included features are:

  • Photos - Unlimited
  • Events - Unlimited
  • RSVP’s - Unlimited
  • Updates - Unlimited
  • Support - Unlimited

It Works For You Too!

You can use this same resource for your own wedding photographer's website. I do. In fact the website you are on right now was built exclusively with Thrive Suite. I have been using them for over 5 years and cannot recommend them enough.

Take this from someone who has been building websites since 2003. I started by coding my own sites using HTML and CSS styling and eventually moved over to WordPress. They even have their own training university! Check them out below.

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