Wedding Photography After Sales

Upsells For Wedding Photographers

Wedding Photography After Sales

Your wedding photography after sales can sometimes earn you as much, if not more than your original quote for the days wedding photography. Done right, you can capture those extra, lucrative sales from friends and family of the couple. That is despite the fact that the world and his wife have a digital camera at weddings these days.

Personally, I prefer to add a little to the cost of shooting the wedding and hand over the finished images. Either on a DVD/Memory stick/Cloud download with all images at high resolution for the wedding couple. This saves time with the hassle of printing, posting and emailing details etc. It also leaves me more time to crack on and get more work in or get on with what I have.

Of course, that is just me. For many professional wedding photographers, the wedding photography after sales can be the best bit. I must say I once shot a €200 portrait sitting and ended up getting over €3,000 in after sales prints and canvasses so it is worthwhile.

Getting the orders in

In order to get your orders and wedding photography after sales, here are a few tips:

  • Make sure no-one is around when doing special shots. All it takes is one "Uncle Harry" to sneak in a shot over your shoulder and the whole family gets it for free via email the next day.
  • Make your images stand out from the rest. Get your images well composed, exposed and from a different angle. Make the colours rich so they stand out from the crowd.
  • Go the extra mile with regards to photography and post-processing etc. Do what it takes to get shots that no-one else will. Go to the top of the church where the organ and choir are situated for a bird’s eye view of the proceedings or climb up here and get down there for some different and eye-catching shots.
  • Get immediate print sales from slideshow during reception. It has been known on occasion for a DJ or family member to steal the show by hosting their own slideshow of the wedding so far during the meal at reception.If you are able and only if you want the extra work, you can arrange this yourself with the couple. Maybe your assistant could work on the best images and get the show ready whilst you are finishing off. Then the slideshow could be made up whilst they eat the first course. Me? Not a chance. Weddings are stressful enough as it is without this extra workload although it may suit some photographers.
  • Get images online and ready for sale as soon as possible. Make sure the couple get to see them first and ask them to send the link to everyone in their address book (email). Also give out your business card at the reception or ask the couple to include it somewhere in the proceedings.
  • Offer good deals such as discounts for close family or large orders.

As a final thought why not try this…

Get yourself a high end digital photo projector, make up a slideshow of all images, (including any extra ones that you have creatively worked on) and organise a slideshow.

Either get the couple to host it and invite as many of the close family and Bridal Party as possible. Or host it yourself and hand out invites at the wedding?

Make an afternoon of it and watch the wedding photography after sales come in. When people see big images they want them big. Take along a large sample canvas print as well as other samples for them to see and watch the sales roll in.

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