Wedding Photography DVD Slideshows And Software

Showcase Your Best Work With A Cool Slideshow

Wedding Photography DVD Slideshows And Software

Even in today's instant, downloadable world, there are still people out there that like and use DVD's. They walk among us! Why would you want to use or buy wedding photography DVD slideshows and software? Well, for me;

  • The first point of contact after receiving a wedding enquiry could be to show and promote your best wedding photography through an online slideshow
  • Once you have completed a wedding, you can host it online as a slideshow for the Bride and Groom to show absent friends and family
  • Add music to really set the mood and make the shows more appealing
  • Sell hard copy DVD slideshows to the family and guests
  • I sometimes use DVD slideshows as a free "loss leader" to get the contract

Here is an example I use to promote my business using Photodex Pro Show Producer (now called Photopia):

General Photography

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography DVD slideshows and software are a definite must for any wedding photographer especially if you get to show them on a high definition TV. There is yet another relatively easy learning curve for you to get to grips with here but it really adds another string to your wedding photography bow!

Software companies

Wondershare - A DVD Slideshow Builder that makes it easy to create professional-looking DVD movies from your home videos and photos. With its powerful menu designer, you can quickly create your own menu layouts, assemble fully customized photo and video slide shows, and burn your final project as a DVD or VCD.

Share your precious memories with style! The features are as follows:

  • 1
    Fine tune your photos with basic fixes
  • 2
    Add text captions and clipart to your photographs
  • 3
    Add music and narration to your slideshow
  • 4
    Trim your audio
  • 5
    Audio and Video Synchronization
  • 6
    Panning and Zooming
  • 7
    Various quality transition effects
  • 8
    Flexible control with Story-line
  • 9
    Real-time preview support WYSWYG
  • 10
    Multiple video formats export
  • 11
    Support of all popular video formats
  • 12
    Contrast/Brightness adjustment
  • 13
    Erase the original audio track
  • 14
    Set the video Start/End frame
  • 15
    Capture any frame as your slideshow thumbnail
  • 16
    Get creative with Powerful Menu Designer
  • 17
    Burn and Share the love on TV or PC

Wondershare - More info

Photopia - As used in the above demos of mine (I would recommend this excellent software over anything else).

So whatever wedding photography DVD slideshows and software you decide on, make sure you learn this way of presenting your images. I find that they are a great way to showcase my work and earn a few extra pennies at the same time. The clients love them.

Wedding Photography DVD Slideshows And Software

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