Wedding Photography and Speeches

Shoot the speaker and the guests' reaction

Wedding Photography and Speeches

Wedding Photography and Speeches. The speeches are one of the "must get" parts of wedding photography. They can last anywhere from 5 minutes to a couple of hours and again, it is good to know the order and names of each participant.

It is very easy to go mad with photographs here, especially with long speeches, so I usually do the following;

  • See if the speeches are being videoed. If so, you don’t need to take too many here as the words are what make a speech, not the visuals (in most cases). The couple are more likely to want more video than photography
  • Limit the shots. One photo of someone talking is pretty much like any other unless they get quite animated. I normally keep my camera aimed at the speaker in case of any cool or amusing expressions but I still limit the shots.
    It is worth noting here that if you are putting a photobook or album together, you may want a few images of each speaker to make up a theme as in the photo below.

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Wedding Photography and Speeches Montage

This speech went on for about half an hour so I tried to include this along with people's expressions for the wedding photo book. Once you have "shot the speaker", look around you and focus on the guests that are getting into it and enjoying themselves.

Listen to the speech and try to capture the reactions.

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