Professional Coffee Table Wedding Photo Books

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Professional Wedding Photo Books

I can only speak for myself here. Ever since I started showing professional wedding photo books to clients I have had more bookings than ever. Plus I rarely get requests for traditional albums any more. I personally find professional coffee table wedding photobooks more enjoyable and easy to make up. They certainly grab the potential clients' attention!

I also explain to clients that their friends, family and even themselves are more likely to look at these in the future. Way more than the traditional albums which generally get stuck away under the bed or in a wardrobe. They are generally more durable too.

To get these books promoted, I chose my favourite supplier to work with. I then chose 90 of my favourite images from various weddings and used templates from Asukabook to make up an album.

See the sample album on my wedding page hereā€¦

This can then be sent off for printing. The most amazing thing was that the finished book was an EXACT replica of the PDF file I sent to print. To the millimeter!

When preparing the book for clients, you simply send them a draft PDF file as a proof album. You explain that this is exactly how it will look when printed. They then let you know of any adjustments, changes or tweaking to the book and you simply make those changes in the layered Photoshop files that you created when putting it together.

Professional wedding photo books can be made up to any size, shape or style depending on the supplier. Most wedding photobooks hold anywhere between 40 and 300 images depending how you design it. You can have multi-image montages or a single, double page spread image that "bleeds" off the page to create a seamless, beautiful and glossy photograph.

Your wedding couple can also decide whether they want a Matt or Gloss finish with soft or hard covers. You can even have "board" style, solid pages. If you want my advice from past feedback, I would seriously think about getting one or two of these made up to show off your portfolio. They are stunning.

Companies That Make Professional Wedding Photo Books

So, what companies make these books, how easy are they to make and how much do they cost?

There are various suppliers with varying prices that you can tailor to your customers' budget and/or preferences. Have a good look around the following sites for inspiration;

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