Wedding Photography Style

Create Your Own Style to Make Your Mark and Stand Out From the Crowd

Wedding Photography Style

Wedding Photography Style - As time goes on you will hopefully shoot more and more weddings. You will create, discover and nurture your own style and that is what you can become well known for.

For me, I would say my style is fairly traditional in a reportage way. With the images being bright, bold and colourful. I don’t like to mess about too much with over-Photoshopping or filtering. Mostly I like to try and enhance the day itself not add to it.

Also, I try and capture the day as naturally as possible. I work on the principle that if they wanted "cardboard cut-out" style portrait images all the way, they wouldn’t have booked me. Especially if they had seen my portfolio. I do take the bulk standard group shots but try and keep them to a minimum.

Wedding Photography Style and Special Effects

Some people like to, and use filtering and special effects very well. Of whom some are amazing with it and that is their style and the reason they get booked by certain people.

The beauty of wedding photography is that there are so many different styles and techniques. There is so much to learn and there is work for us all (as long as people keep getting married).

I would say not to go looking for a particular style or "image" but let it find you. Sounds a bit "cheesy" I know but it happens if you give it time. You will find your own technique for composition and lighting along with how you put people at ease.

You may make them laugh or you may have the skill to bring out the fun-loving, playful attitude that sometimes vanishes from people under the stresses and strains of the big day.

You'll find your own way of processing in Photoshop. You may even opt to go solely with black and white for example (image below). Whatever wedding photography style you find that works for you, stick with it. "If it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix" it as they say.

Wedding Photography Style

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