Wedding Photography and a Wet Wedding

Something you must prepare for because it will happen!

Wedding Photography and the Wet-Wedding

Wedding photography and the wet wedding. This is something that if you are in business long enough, you will come across and I suggest that you prepare for it. When we started "Pan Photography" in the 1990's, I remember praying for a wet wedding just to get it out of the way. There is a simple way of being ready and that is to prepare!

Go to the venue and reception area for your "dry run" (excuse the pun). Whilst you are there, look around and imagine it is raining. For each and every stage of the wedding, imagine it is raining and ask yourself:

  • How can you get the Bride getting into and out of the car without getting wet?
  • Where will guests be waiting whilst waiting for the Bride to arrive?
  • Where will the ceremony be held if it is an outdoor wedding?
  • Will you be shooting the formals/groups outside?
  • Is there a large sheltered area inside the church itself?
  • Is the reception area big enough to get the entire wedding party in?
  • Where can you shoot the special portraits?

Remember that if it is raining, it is generally darker too so adjust your camera settings accordingly, i.e. ISO.

At the end of the day there is nothing you or anyone can do about the weather so make the most of it. If the couple are fun, get some shots that incorporate the poor weather and make light of the situation.

Failing all of that…move to Spain like I did!

More recently, during a wedding shot in the UK, this shot (below left) was taken about 5 minutes before the heavens opened. We all got a little soaked. Later on that evening, the groom and friends gave their guests a "Fire Poi" show in the rain (below right).

Wedding Photography and the Wet Wedding
Wedding Photography and the Wet Wedding

To get the shots, I had two speedlights on stands using Pocket Wizards and to stop them getting wet, I placed my studio brollies over them using the flash brackets…job done!

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