November 14, 2012

3D Printer Photo Booth: Instant You!

Create a Perfect 3D Version of You!

3D Printer Photo Booth

Imagine this. You are at a wedding and in the corner is a new type of photo booth. However, this one creates a perfect, miniature 3D model of you!

3D Printer Photo Booth

Earlier this year I watched an episode of Click on the BBC. 

This showed how objects can now be printed in 3D using anything from chocolate to concrete including metals and rubber.

This was predominantly thought to be great for producing instant models for engineering and construction but of course, it has now made its way into mainstream consumerism.

Now you can leave the wedding with a life-like, mini you with the bride and groom as a reminder of that day.

Multiple Uses - Use Your Imagination

The uses for this are pretty cool. Your kids can dress up in all their best outfits and make cool little models for them to play with rather than buy the generic figurines from the store. How about making up models of all the people you dislike and then using them for target practice with a .22 air rifle or catapult (saves doing jail-time for the real thing ; )

Just kidding, I am a pacifist.

I reckon that within a year, these booths will be everywhere…genius.

You can see more details and sample models over at Laughing Squid

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