June 12, 2018

DSLR Remote Release: Trigger Your Camera Remotely

MIOPS Smart Trigger DSLR Remote Release Review

DSLR Remote Release

I have to say that I love my gadgets. So, when I was sent the MIOPS Smart Trigger to try out, I was excited to see what it offered. I have done a review of a similar DSLR remote release in the past but this looked a lot neater. And more up to date!

This little beauty is relatively cheap. It will allow you to fire your camera from a distance using a host of different methods including:

  • Lightning
  • Sound
  • Laser
  • Remote Release

When you read the review of the MIOPS Smart Trigger, you will start to think of a ton of creative ways in which this will keep you busy and entertained! Also, be sure to watch the video too.

DSLR Remote Release Review

Looking for inspiration or an excuse to go out and have some fun with your camera? Please check out our full review below and share it with your friends:

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