Selling Stock Photography

Stock Photography. Is It a Dying Industry or Should You Still Get Involved?

Selling Stock Photography

Selling Stock Photography: A Mini Course

The criteria for producing stock photography is too high for most businesses to achieve. In both terms of time-scale and equipment. No matter how good they make digital cameras, and no matter how many people use them, there is still a strict guideline to follow before submitting any work.

Normally companies are too busy taking care of their main core of business and simply don’t want to start taking their own photographs. That is where you come in! Many agencies and businesses around the world do not have the time or resources to take their own quality stock photographs, whether for a local press release or a massive advertising campaign.

Photographs worthy of a stock library need to be immaculate! They need to be well taken, well exposed, clean, high resolution and most importantly, what the customer is looking for! A great snapshot of your dog in the garden just won’t do, no matter how cute he looks. The resolution needs to be buffed up to around 50mb WITHOUT losing quality.

Amateurs and Beginners

Amateurs or beginners. If your camera isn’t capable of this, don’t fret, there are agencies that will accept smaller sized images from anything over 6-8 mega pixel cameras, they are called "micro-stock agencies", so there is hope for us all. No matter what your experience level, if you have photos on your hard drive, and have a basic "eye" for photography, you can start earning now with these smaller agencies.


Follow the links and by the end, you should be producing high quality photographs that will be accepted by most agencies. More importantly, you can start earning money!


If you want to know all there is to know about shooting and selling stock photography, this may well interest you!

More extensive and free training

Note July 2021: The new training section is currently being written and will be available soon. Please join our newsletter to receive alerts.

We have now released our membership section/training center to ATP for free and have put our entire 2 day, offline stock photography course online which includes all you need to know about selling your images including:

  • What to shoot
  • How to shoot it
  • What NOT to shoot (and waste your time)
  • Where to upload and how
  • Sample rejections and the reasons why
  • Sample images that have sold well with the actual earnings
  • How much you can earn
  • Includes over 3.5 hours of video tutorials!

There are also courses on using a DSLR training, an absolute beginners section and wedding photography with a total of 16 hours of video tutorials and MUCH more. You will like this. Click Here for More Info

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