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Learn To Photograph Children For Money Or Pleasure

Free tips on child photography course. How to create a stunning portfolio for yourself or your client - Where do you start? Are you just here to learn how to get the most out of your digital camera when photographing your own children? Maybe you are looking to make a living from this style of photography? Either way, hopefully these tips on child photography will help you on your way. Note: Yes, these are my kids : )

Whilst infant or baby photography can be one of the most rewarding areas, it can also be quite frustrating. If you have your own or have been around young children long enough, you will know what I mean! The term "never work with animals or children" springs to mind. It usually relates to photography or film-making.

However, done right, you will end up with photographs that will last forever and truly capture the spirit of the moment.

I have seen Mothers in tears (of joy I might add) when they have seen some photographs of their children. You cannot put a price on that kind of reaction! With regard to pricing, that is something you must decide depending on the demographics of your particular area. I find it easier to charge a little more for the sitting but offer prints at a competitive rate. I normally get larger orders that way!

Some photographers do the opposite and even offer the sitting for free. They then make their money by tantalizing the couple with a superb slideshow whilst taking orders. If the couple order enough prints, digital files and wall art, you could make a lot of money!

Professional child photography

If you are looking to do this type of photography for a living, it can be both lucrative and ongoing. You may well become the family photographer for many years to come giving you regular work. Kids change so much in just 6 months so establishing yourself early on would be a great business move. Just follow the links below in the order that they run.

If you have any further questions, please let us know. Also tell us if there are any other subjects you would like to see covered.

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Tips on Child Photography
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