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If you are doing this natural style of child photography, it is a good idea to get some more formal photographs too. This way, you have covered all bases, and again, more to add to your portfolio.

The Formal Shots for Child Photography

Ask the parents if they would like to be in a few photographs. Set up the room and lighting accordingly. With the informal child photography, the room set up does not matter so much. However, the formal shots may require a little more attention.

Although saying that, for this shot of Sonia and Dillon a very quick, make-shift studio was set up. It was hashed together in the bedroom using very little resources.

Set up the camera.

Make sure there are no distractions within eye-shot;

  • Light and TV cables
  • Cups, mugs or general items that look "ugly" in a photograph
  • Reflections from your light source, be it studio lights, flash (bounced) or the window light. This is where digital comes into its own, you can fire a test shot and instantly see where any problems lie.
  • Don't sit the subject too close to the wall behind them, or you will get shadows on the odd occasion.

If the parents are in the photograph, set the family up so that it looks natural. Perhaps how they may look if they were watching TV. Don't be afraid to get in close and crop tightly for a couple. Add a vase of flowers, or any other props you see in the room. Also don't be afraid to ask to re-arrange the room a little.

Take the photograph at their level. Although you can, if you are confident you can pull it off, get a little artistic. Try some weird and wonderful angles. Get on the floor with the baby and shoot as though you were another baby playing, from his or her viewpoint.

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