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Knowledge is King

We all have a certain amount of knowledge with photography within us but there is always more to learn. There are plenty of photography tips or "Nuggets" of information that you hear that probably make you think:

"Hey, that's a good idea!"

There isn't a day that goes by where I don't study a new technique or read an article on something new. Maybe a product review or upgrade to some software I own. As a result it's a never ending learning curve.

Many of us like to think we have got it down to a T and know as much as we need to. But, ask any professional photographer if they "know it all", and most will tell you that they are constantly learning. Most of all, learning things such as:

Even professionals look out for new and exciting photography tips on weddings, new lighting kit for portraits and commercial shoots. Therefore, enjoy the sections below and please comment where you can as it helps to share the love!

Beginner Photography Tips

Photography Tips-The DSLR

The Digital SLR - Learn the ins, outs and buttons of the modern DSLR. Link to a Mini Course at the end.

Photography Tips Digital Photography Intro

Digital Photography - A beginners introduction to the wonderful world of digital photography and editing.

Photography Tips - Digital Photography Intro
Photography Tips Better Digital Photography

Better Digital Photography - 15 Essential tips to better digital photography. A short course.

General  Photography Tips

Photography Tips-Child Photography

Child Photography - Basic tips and mini course on photographing small children with sample images.

Photography Tips Flash Photography

Flash Photography - Use your flash with confidence after reading these flash photography tips.

Wedding Photo Tips for Amateurs

Basic Wedding Photography - A few beginner tips and advice on how to photograph weddings.

Bird Photography

Bird Photography - Photographing birds can be tough. You need patience, good technique and the right kit.

Digital Cameras

Digital Cameras - Confused as to which camera to buy? Check our guide from basic to pro DSLR's

Photography Tips Camera Lenses

Camera Lenses - Have you bought a camera with changeable lenses? Check out our guide to glass here.

Advanced Photography Tips

Time Lapse Photography

Time Lapse Photography - How to shoot and sell a stunning time lapse video including seamless day to night.

Advanced Wedding Photography Tips

Advanced Wedding Photography - A more in depth look into the world of professional wedding photography.

Stock Photography Tips

Selling Stock Photography - Learn how to shoot and sell stock photography online.

Property Photography Tips

Property Photography - Make a living shooting properties for agencies, magazines or private owners.

Advanced Photography Tips

Advanced Photography - Here we take things a little further and add some more in depth tutorials.

Essential Digital Camera Accessories

Photography Accessories - Now you are "in deep" with photography, here are some extra bits you might need...

Digital Imaging and Photo Editing Tips

Basic Photoshop Tips

Basic Photoshop Tips - Start your editing journey here with some simple editing tips and techniques.

Photoshop Autoloader

Photoshop Autoloader - Wow! If you process a lot of images in Photoshop, you are going to want to see this.

Photoshop Actions

Photoshop Actions - Fantastic plug ins for Adobe Photoshop to give your images an added Je Ne Sai Quoi!

Make Money, Reviews and Aerial Photo/Video

Photography Money Making Ideas

Make Money in Photography - How to make money with your camera and a little know how. Read our tips.

Product Reviews

Product Reviews - A comprehensive list of camera, video, software, gadget and accessory reviews

Aerial Photography and Video

Aerial Photo and Video - Learn how to to shoot quality photos and videos from a drone or UAV.

By no means do I want you to think that I know it all, far from it. In this photography tips section, there is over 30 years experience on general photography, Photoshop and many other areas.

It seems like I have done my fair share of research over the years. From reading magazines, going to seminars and more importantly from hands on experience. Everything else from first apprenticeship at 16 to photographing Princess Ann exclusively. Weddings to pet portraits and from passports to large magazine editorials.

More recently I have worked with the BBC, Channel 4, a superb team from Pinewood Studios and many local businesses. For the past few years, I've been working with drones as a qualified UAV pilot filming on some fantastic jobs. I will be adding a new section on aerial photography and cinematography soon so be sure to bookmark us.

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Photography has been a passion of mine since I first tried my fathers' SLR (Single lens reflex) way back in 1978. Back then I must have read every magazine and gone to endless photo exhibitions. Now with the internet and this website along with my offline business, well...my wife and children hardly see me.

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