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Use Photoshop Proofmaker to Speed Up Your Proofing Workflow

Photoshop Proofmaker is another handy tool from Mike D, the person that brought you Photoshop Autoloader. Again, I have to ask, what is your time worth? How much could you save by streamlining your workflow even further and freeing up more time?

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Proofmaker is a plug in for Photoshop that allows you to quickly and easily create professional looking proofs. Make them in all sizes for your wedding, portrait or commercial clients.

Why not use Photoshop actions?

Proofmaker has a few important, unique and highly useful features that do things that a simple action cannot:

Actions cannot differentiate between aspect ratios

Maybe you have made actions to carry out your proof-making before? If you have a selection of different aspect ratios, you would have noticed that the actions do not work the same for landscape and portrait photos. This forces you to separate the two and create separate actions.

Actions cannot differentiate between different resolutions

If you want to perform a proof action to a batch of images with differing resolutions, the text will differ in size depending on the file size. Not a very professional look to your proofs and a pain to sort out.

Actions cannot place the file name onto an image

Having the filename automatically placed on the image saves a heap of time. It is very handy when clients are placing orders. The easier you make it for them, the more they are likely to order.

Photoshop Proofmaker can do all of the above as well as adding a border to your final output whilst maintaining both the aspect ratio of the original image and the aspect ratio of the final size that you set. Actions cannot do this either.

All in all, Proofmaker is an amazing program that again, will streamline your workflow and allow you to create professional looking proofs simply and quickly with no fuss.

On top of everything above, there are a bunch of other cool features that Proofmaker can do so check it out for yourself and grab a copy today…I love it!

Photoshop Proofmaker by Photoshop Tools

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