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About Nick Stubbs and All Things Photography

Photography, video, music, gadgets, motorbikes, skiing, mountains, health and golf...I love them all.

"If I could combine all of the above things into one, long holiday, I would be in absolute heaven". Nick Stubbs.

About Nick Stubbs

Photo Credit: Todor Ostojic

Rather than creating a site with a narrow niche audience, I decided to attempt to literally cover All Things Photography. I found it so difficult to choose just one or two aspects of photography to concentrate on. All of it is fascinating to me. What I shoot or discuss primarily depends on what mood I am in or what work I currently have on!

I first used an SLR camera at the age of just 11 and received my own at 13 after enrolling in photography studies at school. Even back then I was fascinated by the technology. The photography classes were suddenly a reason to get up and go to school in the mornings. My weekends suddenly became filled as I spent my time either out and about shooting or locked away in my darkroom up in the loft.

Note: Images have been reluctantly included to add some colour to this page and to give my kids a good laugh!


​13 years old trying to understand all the buttons of a basic film SLR (Fully manual Cosina CT-1). Excuse the jacket. I was in a difficult period of my life ​regarding fashion and hair-care (​now it's falling out ; )

All of my pocket money was spent on films, processing, darkroom materials or magazines.

I really absorbed myself into my photography. This was the age when I realised that photography was something I really wanted to do. It wasn't long until I had a fully kitted out darkroom nestled amongst the rafters in our loft. I was also attending trade shows in London such as the ones held in Earl's Court.

Scanning magazines and camera shops, I was always looking for the latest gadgets and gizmo's. Anything that would either help with my photography or at the very least...look cool! Once I understood the rudimentary elements of photography, I hungered to delve deeper and started experimenting.


​15 years old teaching ourselves about the effects of different shutter speeds using a washing up liquid bottle and some water.

No internet to learn from or racks of photo magazines back then!

Ahhh, the things we did just to learn! At 16, I spent a year as a part-time apprentice to a local, well known photographer whilst studying business studies at college.

I would help out in the studio in Dover, assist in the darkroom and even attend the occasional wedding. Even my Saturdays were spent working in a local, well known camera shop to help fuel this new obsession.


​All grown up trying out a "sophisticated" look! 16 years old Working at the local camera store trying to earn more money to feed my addiction whilst at college! I can still remember the buzz of turning up at the small studio with all that lovely, expensive equipment to play with.

If I assisted at a wedding, I got a whopping £10 for my trouble! The most memorable experience was being given a huge Pentax 6 x 7, "SLR-style" medium format camera to play with for the day.

I lugged this thing around my home town showing off and shooting everything in sight and then returning to process the black and white images in the studio's darkroom. Then on Saturdays, I would work in a local camera retailer and would "have" to get to know all the new equipment I was selling…heaven!


​27 years old running our first official photography business called Pan Photography (Pat, Andy and Nick).

We ran this for a few years shooting weddings and portraits in London and Surrey. This shot was taken during a wedding we were shooting at Sandown Racecourse in Esher, Surrey.

Currently I live and work in Dorset, South UK with my wife and 2 children

I mainly shoot commercial, wedding and stock photography and video as well as maintaining this website. I've been rather spoilt by our location in the past (Spain) as most of the weddings I shot were bright and sunny with beautiful backdrops. 

Travel stock photography was easy and plentiful as the weather is generally good with crisp, clear blue skies in Southern Spain.

All Things Photography

ATP is fast becoming more of a full time job. However, at the same time it gives me more time to try and organise more weddings plus DSLR and stock photography training courses here in the UK. I love teaching what I know and I enjoy seeing emerging talent and new photographers taking up the hobby seriously.

All Things Photography is still young in terms of content and enjoyed its 13th birthday in Feb 2018. What started as a hobby site is now almost a full time project for me as review requests and content gather momentum.

ATP was started as a gap-filler for my spare time, with my research keeping me up to date with the photography world at all times. I usually found myself browsing forums, photography sites and portfolios anyway so I decided to create my own piece of photography "cyber-space".

The idea was to unload some of the information in my head and try to encourage newcomers to photography to really get stuck into this great hobby or career. I had no idea how to, or had never even thought about building a website before.

Now I find myself spending up to 10 hours on a spare day updating, researching and building the site. I have so many ideas, many spawned by suggestions from my readers that it is taking up more and more of my time.

There are a few areas of the site where photographers can add their own literary skills to help build the site. These are:

Camera, Lens, Software and Gadget Reviews

I would like one or two "original and unique" reviews for each digital SLR, lens and digital imaging software/program currently on the market. For example, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Sigma, Fuji, Tamron, Adobe, ACDSee, Phase One etc.

Anyone who owns or has owned a specific DSLR, lens, gadget or modern piece of software, and can write a 400+ word article/review, can do so by following the link below.

I don't have time to write these reviews myself and any help would be greatly appreciated. If the reviewer has a website, I will include their name and a link along with the review. The best reviewers can, if they wish, receive a free copy of my Wedding Photography Blueprint DVD and the worst will receive two copies...Boom Boom!

Photography and Video Articles

Do you have any handy tips or advice that you want to share with everyone? What about a photographic or editing technique or process that you have learned that our readers could benefit from? Please write it down and send it to us to include in our Photography Articles section. Again, you will receive recognition and a link to your portfolio.


All feedback with regards to anything at ATP is gratefully received.

I was a member of the SWPP and BPPA* in the past and won a few awards throughout my time with them.

*Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers and British Professional Photographers Association

Nick Stubbs Awards (2005)

At one point, I held 2 licentiates (qualifications) in Wedding and Commercial photography and was awarded the title of "Overseas Commercial Photographer of the Year 2005" by the SWPP and BPPA.

Nick Stubbs SWPP Awards

In 2005, I won a total of 35 awards (some shown above) with the SWPP in various subjects including:

  • Commercial
  • Architectural
  • Sport
  • Under 5's
  • Digital Art
  • Fashion and Glamour
  • Landscape
  • Pictorial
  • Portrait
  • Environmental Portraiture
  • Nature
  • Pets

I must say, entering their competitions was a lot of fun and motivated me to get out there with my camera. If you are new to photography, I would recommend joining them.


The SWPP and BPPA are pretty good. They hold annual competitions, host regular seminars and tutorials and finish the year/start a new one with a huge convention in the UK. It is a great way to meet other photographers from all walks of life and hone your skills in each particular area of photography.

You can also apply for various licentiates, associates and fellowships by way of their qualification structure as you progress through your photographic life. Hopefully this site will appeal to photographers from all walks of life and will continue to grow with input from its readers.

All the best and good luck with your photography!

Nick Stubbs - All Things Photography

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