The Natural Approach To Child Photography

Shooting Kids Naturally is the Best Approach for Great Child Photography

Natural Approach to Child Photography

The Natural Approach to Child Photography. Whilst it is nice to see photographs of your child or children:

  • Sitting on a rose petal
  • In the clouds
  • With fairy wings on their back
  • Lying in a basket isn’t really how you will remember your child in 20 or 30 years is it? These types of shots of kids are all good and well in moderation. However, shooting kids naturally, in their own environment and in their "element" is best much of the time.

It is fun, however, to bring this kind of photography to people’s attention on the child’s wedding day! So do not dismiss this style, but save it for a specialist sitting. Somewhere you can give it 100% attention for the duration.

Also, try to offer a good mixture of posed and set up portraits when shooting someone else’s kid. Try to establish what the parent prefer too as not everyone likes the same style of child photo..

The best approach is the natural one, where you will show the child or children in their element.

Still use props and toys though. Try to understand and get to know the child/children’s nature and capture it. THIS is how parents and family will remember their little ones in years to come. Good child photography will spark off the most romantic nostalgia for years. I should know, my kids are now teenagers and I like nothing more that looking through all those old pics!

Natural Approach to Baby Photography

Image by Tú Nguyễn from Pixabay

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