Smile Please

Getting A Child To Smile Isn’t Always As Easy As You Might Think

Smile When Photographing Children

Smile Please - Absolutely the best advice I can give you is, from the moment you walk into the house, or meet the children, smile, and keep smiling. I don’t mean to the point where your face seizes up, I mean show the children you are of a happy disposition and mean them no harm.

Children of all ages are highly perceptive to emotions and moods. Even if they are your own...especially if they are your own. They need to know that what you are doing is fun!

If you:

  • Are not particularly good around children
  • You don’t like them
  • Are not at ease around them

...this may not be the career for you. They will grind you down and kill your love of child photography! (Watch the film "Uncle Buck" if you don’t believe me!). Also, it is not fair on the parents who are paying for your time. Everyone needs to enjoy a shoot with kids!

Keep your eyes open for what toys they have and what they are "into". For example, if you see Winnie the Pooh toys scattered around, say something like "Wow, Winnie the Pooh! My son is really into him, he has all the toys. Which is your favourite?" You will be surprised at how this can connect with the child/children. It also puts them at ease knowing you have kids of your own.

Using props

Again, take your own props with you. If you have done your homework before the shoot, you may well already know what the kids are into. Take something to do with that.

  • What is current at the moment?
  • What's on at the cinema?
  • Which things are "in" in the playground at the moment?

If all else fails, ask the parents, carers or other family members/friends to help out and join in the fun. They could even be part of the photo. It is sometimes a good idea to start out shooting as a family shoot including the mother or father if possible and then once the kids are relaxed, ease the parents or adults away.

Mother Smiling With Her Child for Photo Shoot

Make the kids feel that you aren’t just a stuffy, boring grown up. Play with them. They will start to like you and then you are home dry! Failing that, you could always just ask..."Smile Please" : )

Here are 10 great reasons to smile every day: Smile!

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