Tips on Child Photography: Clothes and Props

Using Various Props or Clothes for the Shoot Can Really Add To Your Images

Small Baby Putting on a Hat

Child photography clothing and props. Ensure that the parents know what clothes the child or children will be wearing. A change of clothes midway through the shoot is a good idea. It gives EVERYONE a break and makes for a more varied portfolio for your photography.

Normally though, Mum will have an idea of what she wants. However, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Maybe you are doing a photo shoot in exchange for model releases as you wish to sell the images as stock? If so, make sure you ask the parents to dress the children in relatively plain and logo free clothes. This will save you a lot of time editing them out in Photoshop later on as agencies will not accept copyrighted clothing labels etc.

Mother Helping Child with Writing

If the children have any special or favourite toys, include them in the shoot. They will almost certainly be more relaxed if "Teddy" is there to look after them.

If a child tips his toy box all over the floor, have a rummage and play to see what catches your eye.

You can build your own set of props too. Stuff like funny hats funky shades or Hollywood-style wraps/scarves. Even a basket?!?!? Go along to boot fairs, jumble sales and charity shops.

You can normally find a ton of really good clothes and props for your photo shoots there for very little outlay. In this simple shot of mother helping her son with his nursery "homework" (left), all we needed was a pencil and colouring-in book:

The more props you have, the better equipped you will be to relax the children and also to match their personality to whatever you have in your "trick" box. Check out these photography props at Amazon.

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