Wedding Photography Cakes and Candid's

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Wedding Photography Cakes and Candids

Wedding Photography Cakes and Candid's. Again, photographing the cutting of the cake is quite a tradition for most weddings. However, I have shot a few where there was no cake...always check beforehand.

If there was no cake to be cut, for whatever reason, I still never leave the scene and sneak off for a coffee. this is because I have known a couple of occasions where a surprise cake was laid on by the family.

The couple should know that you are going to take official photos before the actual cutting. Because you pre-arranged it with them didn’t you? They will wait for you. You will inevitably get hoards of guests taking pictures at the same time but make sure you get a bunch with the couple looking at you.

Wedding Photography Cakes and Candids
Wedding Photography Cakes and Candids

It is up to you and the couple what sort of photos you take here. I would always get the formal shots, even if they didn’t want them, just to be on the safe side. Try a few angles with the couple:

  • Holding the knife together
  • Looking at the camera
  • Looking at each other
  • The cake, guests, whatever

Just make sure you get a few!

Once you are done, the couple sometimes "lighten up" and pose once again for the guests. Stay around as these shots can sometimes be the best as the couple relax and play up to their friends and family.

It is all too easy to take a break or start "chimping" your images here but you may just lose that one scenario that happens now and again…

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