Wedding Photography Reception Photos

The cake, the first dance and some funky candid's to shoot

Wedding Photography Reception Photos

Wedding Photography Reception Photos - Once the ceremony is over and all the formals are done, I tend to relax a little and go into "stealth" mode. This is a time when everyone is relaxing, having a drink or two and generally standing around and chatting. Before being invited inside the restaurant to eat.

This is also a good time to get some real reportage and candid wedding photographs. I normally put on the 70-200mm lens and try and shoot from a distance as not to disturb anyone. If I see a particular group of people that looks interesting in a nice setting, I may ask them to pose for a couple.

You will inevitably get asked to take a picture or two from the guests. I always oblige willingly even if they ask me to use their camera. Note: It is impossible for the Bride and Groom to be everywhere all the time so seeing photographs of their friends and family enjoying themselves will be well received.

Reception Photos

If I have the time, I always try and get into the reception area before anyone else. This is to get shots of the:

  • Cake
  • Tables
  • Flowers
  • Menus
  • Wedding favours
  • General area

...before the guests come in.

Depending on the religion of the couple you are shooting, there will be varied ways for the couple to enter the reception.

Traditional Christian/English Wedding

With most weddings I have attended, the couple are welcomed into the reception by a formal announcement and standing ovation of sorts. I try and shoot the couple's reactions as they walk to the top table as well as picking out some guests as they applause and cheer.

Wedding Photography Reception Photos

Once inside and seated the guests will, once again depending on the ceremony, either start the meal or have the speeches before or during each course.

Jewish Wedding Photography Reception Photos

I seem to have shot quite a few Jewish weddings in the past couple of years and I have to say this is the best part of the entire day for me. In fact it is the most enchanting and fun part of any wedding I have attended.

There is generally no formal introduction but the band or musicians are primed and ready to go the minute the newly weds enter the room.

Wedding Photography Reception Photos

They walk straight onto the dance floor and start doing "the Hora". This is a Jewish wedding dance where the bride and groom are hoisted up into the air on chairs and everyone dances in a circle to the song "Hava Nagila". Very lively and you can’t help but join in.

Why do this? (Taken from

"The guests are obligated to make the bride and groom joyful during their wedding (source: Talmud Brachot 6b).

In the Talmudic era they enlivened the wedding ceremonies in various ways. One of them was the dancing with the bride on the shoulder – (source: Talmud Ketubbot 17a)"

This is the best time to get some highly emotional shots as the people really let their hair down. Including the Rabbi on some occasions. As I mentioned before, all wedding receptions are different and knowing the format beforehand always helps with wedding photography.

The general items of interest with regards to wedding reception photography photos are;

  • The meal itself
  • Speeches
  • Cake and Candid's
  • 1st Dance
  • Party
Wedding Photography Reception Photos

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