Wedding Photography Marketing

Without It…No Business. Photography Marketing Tips

Wedding Photography Marketing

No clients, no business, simple! Your wedding photography marketing or how and where you promote yourself has a direct impact on how successful you will become. The wedding photographers market is a massive one with a wealth of talent and experienced competition all around so you best pay attention!

For a start, there is no set piece or easy route when it comes to marketing you and your wedding photography business. It all depends on your style, demographic location and experience. Therefore, you need to tailor your wedding photography marketing to suit your own needs. Once established, you can build from there.

I left the UK for Spain in 1998 and found a relatively untapped market. Marketing myself and my wedding photography was easy for me then. It seemed at the time that all the experienced (as well as new) wedding photographers were following my lead and moving to sunny Spain. Luckily the market was expanding rapidly as more couples came to the sun to be married!

I had to be on the ball and constantly to try and stay ahead of the game. The competition heated up as younger, fresher talent emerged. I tested new avenues, tried out different pricing structures and made a host of new contacts. It all takes time and hard work if you want to stay in the game.

Marketing Methods

There are many, many ways to market your wedding photography business. Let’s look at a few that I personally think work or don’t work (links to these start at the end of this page):

  • Building a Portfolio
  • Website Presence
  • Your Attitude and Appearance
  • Your Style
  • Advertising - Internet, Local Papers, Suppliers, Radio, Leaflets/Flyers, Word-of-Mouth, Referrals
  • Wedding Fairs

As you read the above marketing advice and tips, try and incorporate these ideas into your own area and style. These are just tips and guidance based on things that I have encountered. There is no guarantee that they will work for also takes hard work and a lot of research on your part.

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