Attitude and Appearance for Wedding Photographers

Be Smart, Be Professional and Be Polite

Wedding Photography Attitude and Appearance

Wedding Photography Attitude and Appearance. As I said before, first impressions count for a lot when a wedding couple look for their photographer. Your attitude, appearance and overall demeanor is no exception. They want to know that you will be smart, on time and professional during what is generally one of the biggest days of their lives.

When you first meet, be on time, polite and forthcoming with any information about yourself and your business. If you appear unsure of what you are offering or how to conduct yourself, they will know and they won’t like it. Bye-bye booking.

Put together a good, reasonable price list together with varying packages and learn it well. You should also be prepared to barter a little and throw in a few freebies. Perhaps even allow the couple to haggle a bit. Especially if your "patch" is quite saturated with wedding photographers.

Don’t get too "anal" and think you and your work are above this. Times have changed and there is more emerging talent ready to take your place than ever before. Learn to deal with it. (But remember this is just my opinion...please feel free to do as you please).

After a year you can look back and see what mistakes you made and work out how to rectify them in the future!

Be a Friendly Professional

You should carry the same principles throughout the time you spend with the couple including the day itself. A light-hearted, professional and confident manner backed up with a strong and impressive portfolio and fair price structure will get you plenty of work in the wedding photography business.

A few testimonials wouldn’t hurt either and you only get those if you follow the guidance above.

Remember to dress accordingly also. I lived and worked in Spain and wore just my Speedos most of the time (joke). However, I could afford to be a little more liberal back then and stuck to smart trousers and short sleeved shirt. It was very hot during the summer!

It also depends on the function. For example, I once shot a large Jewish wedding in the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel in London. Even though it hasn’t been discussed, I definitely "dressed up" more than usual simply out of respect for the couple and the venue.

Note: I even had to "cover my head" in the usual Jewish tradition during certain aspects of the day. Note: I am British and quite the atheist, but still respect other people’s religions and beliefs. It all goes a long way to helping your reputation grow).

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