Groom Photography - Groom Waiting

Many people forget the groom getting ready so include him where you can!

Groom Photography
Groom Photography
Groom Photography

All of the previous section also applies to the Groom photography and getting ready at home/in the hotel. If you are able to shoot this (normally applies when both getting ready at the same venue).

Mostly, you will leave the brides house and head straight to the church or ceremony venue. This is generally where the groom will be waiting, usually with his best man and ushers or groomsmen.

Groom Photography

Take this opportunity to get some shots here. Again, these are moments that the bride will never see otherwise.

Do the standard formals standing beside, outside or near the venue. However, also look for candid's of the men waiting, playing, fighting, crying or whatever else they are doing.

Also take some time to get plenty of photographs of the guests arriving and chatting/drinking etc. The brides love to see all of this as they would miss out otherwise.

Once you know the bride is on her way, the groom will make his way to the altar or ceremony "area". Go with him and fire a few off trying to get the congregation in the background. I also normally set up the tripod at the back with one camera on ready for the service and take a couple from the back of the venue whilst waiting.

Groom photography - Suggested equipment and set up

Not majorly important here as you are pretty much shooting in a standard style. Most circumstances will require a basic set up. For set up shots outside the church I normally use the 24-70 zoom lens to allow for fluctuations in distances.

Try not to use wide angle too much as it can distort people and make them look strange. 50mm and up is a safe bet.

I also use the 70-200mm quite a bit for reportage/candid shots without disturbing the arriving guests. It is also worth grabbing hold of a few groups and getting them to pose for you. Most have time to kill whilst waiting for the bride to arrive…make the most of it.

Group Shots

On a number of times where the bride and groom have asked for entirely reportage wedding photography. Even so, I still sense a little disappointment if there are no group or set up shots. You have nothing to lose by shooting too much (unless you are still using film in which case your costs will rise).

I don't use a tripod here as my main camera is usually set up inside the church ready for me to grab when the bride enters. I use the second camera for most outside/waiting shots. Flash can be used if you are shooting in overcast situations or poor light. If the day is dull, remember to take enough battery power to last the whole day.

It may be worth considering an additional power pack such as the Quantum Turbo to replace the standard AAA batteries.

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