Traditional Wedding Photo Albums

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Traditional Wedding Photo Albums

When we started out in wedding photography, the styles and types of traditional wedding photo albums was fairly limited. Well, in comparison to today anyway. There were certainly no trendy photobooks with wonderful lay flat options available to the masses like there are now.

With the explosion of the internet, the world has opened up to all as one big trade fair or market.

In the past you would have to visit a favourite pro shop, scour the ads or make a heap of phone calls to find a decent, professional wedding photo album. It can now all be done online, including the design and proofing!

This means that the choice available to couples is overwhelming

I suggest that you find one or two of your favourite suppliers and stick with them. Learn what they have to offer and how to make the albums up (and even get a few made up to showcase your work). Of course this costs money but in the long run it is more likely to secure you more work and give you a completely professional look.

As well as keeping a couple of albums to hand, I suggest that you have catalogues from these suppliers too. This is so that you can get a good idea of what the bride is after by browsing them together.

Try to research how the couple see their final wedding album images displayed…

  • Leather?
  • Suede?
  • Linen?
  • Wood?
  • Colour?
  • Size?
  • Flush Mounted?
  • Overlays?
  • Inserts?

To save time I normally suggest that the couple wait until they see the images before deciding on their album. The colour scheme and style of the finished wedding photographs could have a large influence on the style and colour of the album. It also narrows down the choice somewhat.

So, where do you start to look for suppliers of Traditional Wedding Photo Albums?

Some traditional wedding photo albums for you to be getting on with…

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