Always Have Your Camera Ready!

Always Be Ready To Photograph The Unexpected!

Always Have Your Camera Ready

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Always Have your Camera Ready - One way that I got myself noticed and remembered was this. When we moved the photography business to mainland Spain I would always carry my camera everywhere!

Not only does this let people know you are serious about what you do, it also sticks in their mind that you are a photographer. The main reason for me though is that you never know what you will see or experience on your travels!

Always Have your Camera Ready

Have you ever thought "Damn! I wish I had my camera!"

Not only may that image you get be useful for your website or blog but it may well be in demand at a news agency. Maybe even become a top seller for a stock photography agency!

When you finish a job or get in from a long days shooting, get into the habit of charging your batteries straight away. Empty your CF cards, format them and clean the cameras and lenses.

Have everything ready, neatly put away in your camera bag or rucksack, and have it ready to pick up and go. Mine stays by the door of the office at all times ready to go.

I lived in Spain for a while (10 years). Occasionally I would get a call saying "Mr X TV personality is at the local golf course today". Or "There is a pile up on the motorway near X town".

A couple of years ago I was just popping to the shops but still took my camera. Just as I got out of the car I noticed a red scooter up against a brick wall which looked quite cool. I took a quick snap and went about my business.

Later, I uploaded it to Alamy and would you believe it...someone bought it for $176! Not bad for 3 seconds work. Not worth stealing as traditional stock is dead and the copy below is purposely very low quality ; )

Always Have Your Camera Ready

Not one fire but two!

Two weeks later, I was on my way to shoot a wedding. Lo and behold, right outside the hotel where I was headed, a Ford Focus decided to commit suicide! No one else involved, no accident. It just blew up. Luckily the owner was fine so I took a whole bunch of pics!

Car Fire Spain

Then, not long after that, my wife came in the office and said there was yet another huge fire on the hills. Normally they are miles away and too far to get to before the excellent Spanish fire-fighters have managed to control it.

However, I took a look and it was so close I could almost smell it. So I grabbed my bag, jumped into the car and was on the scene before the fire-engines, helicopters and planes got there!

Hill Fire in Spain
Hill Fire in Spain

I am by no means a press photographer but I never look a gift horse in the mouth. I have one thing on my mind in situations like this...stock photos and stock video footage! Those are links to Shutterstock where you can upload and sell your media for free. You never know when you are going to get that special image that could earn you a bundle!

One thing to remember when out and about is security. It is best to try to keep your camera concealed and not on display to any unwanted attention. Cameras such as the Panasonic GH5 are perfect for carrying around as they are small and inconspicuous but have massive imaging power with both stills and video.

So, whatever equipment you have, take it everywhere and always have your camera ready!

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