December 10, 2015

Digital Photo Frames

How Digital Photo Frames Are Changing Your Home Photos

…while Keeping Your Best Memories Front and Center!

Post updated January 2018: It used to be a time-consuming and expensive task to keep, print, and display your favorite photos. You had to:

  • Find the best ones
  • Have them printed
  • Buy a frame for each
  • Find another place to display them

So, what's the best way to display your favorite photos? In a way that everyone still gets to see them and friends and family don't have to squeeze around a phone or wait for you to get on your computer?

Digital photo frames answer all the old problems of print photos while giving you the specialization that a phone or computer can't. Here are the best reasons to go with a digital picture frame when you want a great way to display your photos.

Digital Photo Frames Post

Digital photo frames are meant for displaying photos

Yes, you have some pictures on various social media sites, some on your phone, and others just stored on your computer. Digital frames give you one place to store all your photos to organize, find, and display them in various ways.

The photos are always on display, in a nice size that everyone can see easily. When you pass by, it's a nice break from your hectic day to remember an event. Or even visually watch your children grow up before your eyes.

Speaking of children, they will love the new frame. I'm not saying it should be or could be used as a babysitter. However, small children are thrilled to see pictures of themselves and will be mesmerized by the rotating display!

They are fascinated by what they look like. Older children love to remember their special events as well. The constant display isn't a resource drain on your computer, either. Many turn on only when someone comes into the room, and turn off when they leave.

Digital Photo Frames Family Meal

Digital frames are a great way to connect with friends and family

Wi-fi frames can connect to each other and you can download pictures from anywhere in the world. So, if you have an older relative that doesn't use social media or a computer on a regular basis, you can manage their frame for them.

Then they have the benefit of seeing the kids playing in the ocean while:

  • You're still on vacation
  • Seeing graduation pictures as they happen
  • The first wedding pictures before the ceremony is over

And since the frames can hold several hundred pictures at a time, you can tell a story about an event, and they won't have to wait several months before they can visit you at home to look through your photos.

Another great benefit of digital photo frames is the flexibility you have with your displays

You can change the photos to display and the order to display them. You might want to show your latest trip, or just photos of the children. And no more worrying about taking up space on a tabletop.

Most digital frames are wall mountable, giving you lots of options for display. For a large picture frame you want to mount on a wall, you may want to check into those with a remote. This makes controlling the display that much easier. Especially if you are including video, as many digital frames allow.

Mother and Small Child in Wintery Scene

On your list of potential gifts for mom, this has to be one of the best, especially a new mom. They also make unique Christmas gifts, yes, even for the guy on your list. Many of the frame styles are sleek and look like a great tech gift for an office or home.

Plus it's one of the best wedding gift ideas ever! The new couple can organize both the formal pictures from the wedding with the candid shots taken on that special day and combine them for an amazing memento.

Or they could receive it at a couples' shower, and load it with pictures of themselves to play at the reception.

As you think about how best to take, store, arrange and display your photos, keep digital photo frames in mind. They can work in conjunction with your social media sites while freeing up your computer for display.

Other features

They have customizable features not available through other alternatives such as:

  • Wall mounting
  • Managing the photo display for others
  • Auto off and on

So, if you are looking for a style with some of the best features at a great price, take a look at frames like the Nixplay Seed. Relive your best moments and put your photos on display for your closest and biggest fans to enjoy.


Melanie Valenzuela has been writing smart content for several years and currently writes on behalf of the digital frame company, Nixplay. When not writing, she can be found working on her world perspective through travel; or challenging her heart rate through tennis, running or attending a Kansas City Royals baseball game. You can find her on LinkedIn.
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