April 4, 2016

iPad Mini 4 as External Monitor for GH4

Particularly useful when attached to a DJI Ronin M stabiliser

Post updated January 2018: The Panasonic GH4 is a fantastic all round camera and especially so as a 4K video camera. It is used by hundreds of thousands of videographers (pro, indie and amateur) all around the world. The rear, fold out touch screen is brilliant but I find it a little small when used on a stabiliser.

Would the iPad Mini 4 work as a monitor?

I bought the DJI Ronin M a while ago. When using it with the GH4, I soon found that I couldn't see the screen at quite a few angles when filming. Rather than spend more money on an external monitor for the GH4, I set out to source a way of using my iPad Mini 4 (which I bought as a monitor for the DJI Inspire 1).

It didn't take long before I had the following set up (see image below) which works perfectly with the Panasonic Image App (download free from iTunes or Google Play).

iPad Mini 4 Aerial Monitor

The lag time between Panasonic GH4 and iPad Mini 4 using a Wi-Fi connection is barely noticeable:

Equipment Used:

Note: If you would rather use a Smartphone as a monitor, check out the IVATION Universal Tripod Stand Mount Holder.

Set Up

Once you have the Ronin M set up and in its cradle for stability, simply attach the DJI Ronin M Monitor/Accessory Mount to the top bar of the Ronin M. I prefer it to be fairly close to the central handle for better balance.

Then, screw the Adapter Spigot into the accessory mount using the 1/4" thread.

Next, attach the Mudder Universal Tablet Tripod Mount Adapter for iPad to the Manfrotto 496 Compact Ball Head. Screw this assembly onto the 3/8" thread of the adapter spigot and you are good to go.

All you need to do now is place the iPad Mini 4 into the Mudder Tablet Tripod Mount. This is simple and secure, then connect the Panasonic GH4 to the Panasonic Image App on the iPad Mini 4.

A superb set up to create super-stable footage. See below for the first draft of a video I produced using the Inspire 1 and Ronin M/GH4/iPad Mini 4 set up below:

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