December 17, 2015

Zhiyun Z1 Rider 3-Axis Gimbal for Go Pro

Zhiyun Z1 Rider 2 Fixed, Handheld and Wearable Gimbal

Zhiyun Z1 Rider for Go Pro

Post updated January 2018: Oh man, I love gadgets like the Zhiyun Z1 Rider. If they are fun and can make my working life easier, then all the better. This super stable, attach anywhere 3-axis gimbal is exactly all those things.

You see, I love stable, shake-free footage whether I am using a Go Pro or larger DSLR camera. This kit used to be super-expensive but these days, stabilising your video clips has never been:

  • Easier
  • More affordable

I have worn this gimbal whilst ski-ing and riding a 1000cc super-bike. I have also used it to film parts of this review inside my car. Whilst a little heavy, the gimbal performed flawlessly giving me super stable footage.

You can use this gimbal with the Go Pro HD Hero 3 and 4 cameras and place or wear it anywhere you would a normal Go Pro accessory…magic!

Check out our latest review of the Zhiyun Z1 Rider 2 3-axis stabilising gimbal below.

Update September 2021: With the arrival of the Go Pro Hero 9 and 10, this gimbal may be redundant now. The stabilisation on the new Go Pro cameras is insanely good. Especially with the lens mod and horizon leveling. 

Regardless, the Zhiyun may still be good for some occasions. Also, if you already have a Go Pro 3 or 4, this mat be a cheaper option than upgrading cameras to the 9 or 10.

Zhiyun Z1 Rider
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