May 28, 2024

Is Wedding Videography AI Proof?

Will AI affect wedding video and what to do to get started when filming weddings as a business

Wedding Video Camera

AI and Wedding Videography

For AI to even start taking away the need for a wedding videographer, a wedding couple would have to set up a number of cameras and mics in prime locations at a wedding venue and have someone monitor them. 

They could hook each camera up to a 2tb SSD, with carefully thought out settings, maybe with an auto ND filter along with appropriate autofocus and have audio capture everywhere. They could also give a number of guests a Go Pro 12 and/or a Pocket 3 from DJI to randomly film parts of the wedding.

They may even choose two of the new Sony BRC-AM7 Advanced PTZ Auto Framing Cameras to film their wedding but at £3,500+ a pop, the economics don't make sense. 

They could even use AI to edit the video once the day is done and whilst not strictly entirely AI, they're good to go. 

But they're not. Far from it.

Why bother?

The costs involved with regards to camera gear and the time needed to set it up, monitor it all put it away and then do the edit is ridiculous. If the wedding is in a number of locations it is even more ridiculous (7 is the record number of locations at one of my weddings). That is why this post is somewhat hypothetical and simply written to alleviate fear.

Your business is safe

If there is one thing that AI cannot grasp right now, it's the human condition and our emotions. AI can certainly be used to film or photograph a wedding using automation, but that is where it ends. The magic happens when we connect. When we understand the people around us and are able to capture the day and its people with compassion, understanding, empathy, fun...and with respect.

AI Robot Filming a Wedding

See? It's not even watching. Image created with AI ; )

The person shooting the wedding knows the couple getting married in most cases. They should have already met them, along with their family and maybe even some friends if they attended the rehearsal. They will have discovered their likes, desires, tastes, their characters and should generally have an understanding of what the day will involve.

If you were referred by another previous couple to film the wedding, you may be known and trusted by the new couple having already perhaps spent a day with them and some of the guests from the previous wedding. I know that has been the case for many of my own weddings.

Creativity, passion and a helluva lot of work

If a couple asked to be around for the entire editing process of their wedding video, it wouldn't be long before they truly understood the mammoth task and effort required. They would soon get bored and excuse themselves.

They would also have a new found appreciation for the sheer amount of work involved when shooting a wedding and an understanding of how automation and AI is a long way off from taking over.

Not only that, they will have seen how you got to know and interact with their family and friends. How you were everywhere but nowhere to be seen on occasion as you paid attention to the goings on and filmed it stealthily.

Wedding video is not only safe, it is fun and lucrative

Did you land on this page to find out whether it is worth getting into wedding videography? That's understandable in this fast-moving AI driven world.

My answer is yes, it is safe. 

How much does it cost to start a wedding video business?

I started my (*digital) wedding photography business back in 2003 with a Canon EOS 10D, the Canon EF 28-135mm lens and a Speedlight. That's it. I used my earnings from that wedding to buy new gear and it went from there.

Video is a little different as you may need more lighting, microphones, bigger and faster memory cards and 2 or 3 cameras to film a wedding well. 

* I've been shooting weddings since the 1990's with film.

What equipment do I need to film a wedding?

That all depends on the couple and the wedding. At the last big wedding I shot (solo...on my own), I had 4 cameras, 6 lenses, Zoom H8 external audio, 3 microphones, an Atomos external Pro Res recorder/screen, two tripods, suction mounts, portable power, lights and two drones.

However, if your entire wedding was outside, in the summer and the couple simply wanted a 20-30 minute mash-up of the day set to music (you may be shooting a family or friends' wedding), you could get away with:

So you are looking at around £3800 to get started with the "bare-bones" set up above. Whilst I wouldn't recommend relying on one camera with no back-up, one lens and basic audio, you could get a small wedding done with the above to get you started. 

If you charged around £1500 for the wedding, you are well on your way to becoming a bona fide wedding video business. Use that money to buy more gear such as a second camera.

The Wedding Video Blueprint

If you are starting out and would like to learn more about filming weddings for a living, we have a new and extensive that course you may be interested in. The Wedding Video Blueprint covers everything you need to know and even explains how to shoot your first wedding without owning any gear.

Normal price is £299 but you can get full access for a short while for just £10pm (cancel any time)! Not only that, you get a TON of extras including some elements that will greatly help your business become successful by being a member of All Things Photography. 

Web Design and SEO

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21 hours after posting this article...

Also as part of ATP Members, we have a WordPress Web Design and SEO course available for members. This will walk you through the entire process of building a successful and well designed website for your business.

Wedding Video Blueprint
WordPress Web Design Course for Wedding Videographers
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