March 21, 2024

Molus X60 RGB Combo 60W Light from Zhiyun

A Bright, Portable, Creative & Stunning 60W COB Light

Molus X60 beginnings: Zhiyun first appeared on my radar back in 2015 when they sent me one of their stabilisers for review. The Z1 Rider 2. Since then, they have grown as a company as have their range of products.

Now, in 2024, they have sent me this super bright, highly portable, uber creative COB (chip on board) 60W photo/video light.

Zhiyun Molus X60 RGB Combo Review

Introducing the beautiful Molus X60 RGB Combo...

The Molus X60 RGB is an amazing little light with many features and functions. It can be used hand-held or placed on anything that takes a 1/4"-20 mount. Tripods, mini tripods, stands etc. 

When the reflector is attached, not only does it look cool but it runs cool even when firing out the full 60W of power. With multiple creative applications, the portable Molus X60 RGB is a true powerhouse in the lighting world.

With three methods of powering the unit at your disposal (detachable 2550mAh battery, PD/USB-C cable or 24v DC cable (all supplied), the X60 is a highly versatile COB light that you can take anywhere.

Quick Specs

  • Pro Performance: Light effects & multiple RGB options
  • Stunning Design: It's a good looking light just bigger than a credit card
  • Stable Output: 60W, full power output with no strobing
  • 3 Power Options: DC cable, PD/USB-C cable and battery (all supplied)
  • App Control: Operate settings via the free ZY Vega app

I'm a Big Fan (Says the Molus X60)

Zhiyun Molus X60 Fan

The Molus X60 comes with a highly efficient, fairly quiet and super-useful DynaVort Cooling System. This fan consists of gyroscope modelling heat sinks and FOC fans to prevent overheating.

I ran the light at full power for 51 minutes and the fan was in action all that time. Not only was it pretty quiet but it kept the unit completely cool all the time. Impressive tech!

Main Specs

  • Colour: Full colour at 60W output
  • Illuminance: 2010 Lux
  • Accessories: Mini softbox, reflector, diffuser, Bowens Mount Adapter
  • Features: 10 Light effects + 6 RGB Light effects + Music Mode
  • Battery Runtime: 50mins @ 60W, 72m at 40W and 130m @ 20W
  • Weight: 313g/0.69lbs
  • Two knobs adjustment: (CCT and DIM) and ZY Vega APP control
  • List Element

Molus X60 Effects and Features (Click for Larger Image)

Molus X60 Effects Features

My Thoughts on the Molus X60 RGB Combo

If you are going to buy the X60 and can afford it, get the combo (full kit). Let's get that out of the way. This light is simply stunning. Great design, well constructed, ergonomic controls with a kind of steam-punk/retro design.

Once I had assembled the battery and reflector to the main light, it wasn't long before I had worked out how to use the light in all aspects, including the app. The menu system is great, the controls are lovely, responsive and really well made. The app is very good with just the effects control lacking right now.

As you can see in the video above, when combined with the Cinepeer CX100, we were able to get some really creative lighting in the dark of night at Nothe Fort in Weymouth.

Zhiyun CX100 and X60 RGB in action

I love this light and will use it for many applications going forward:

  • Property photography fill light
  • Portrait photography
  • Product/commercial photography and video
  • Vlogging
  • Green screen video
  • Office/studio subject lighting

Where to Buy

ZHIYUN Contact Details

Molus X60 with Diffuser Dome
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