August 21, 2018

Nikon Mirrorless Camera Announcement 2018

Nikon Push the Mirrorless Revolution with a Series of Teaser Videos

Nikon Z7 Mirrorless Camera Teaser

Edit 22nd August: Photo above now shows the Nikon Z7 in its full glory! Not bad I say.

In Pursuit of Light

Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you will have noticed the release of Nikon's teaser videos. They are short and cryptic but have set the internet alight with speculations, comments, second-guessing and even arguments.

It seems that Nikon are diving into the world of mirrorless cameras head on with the Z7 and Z6 cameras. It is about time too.

Both Nikon and Canon have somewhat sat back and simply watched the likes of Sony and Panasonic rip the DSLR industry apart with their innovative designs, technology and features that mirrorless cameras bring.

They have both dabbled but failed to meet consumer demand but things seem to be about to change. Canon have an announcement waiting in the wings but Nikon have really taken center stage.

They had better be good!

For too long now, consumers like myself have seen this type of marketing only to be disappointed by the actual release. Sure, some cameras have excelled from Sony and Panasonic. Both the Panasonic GH5s and the Sony Alpha A9 gave us reason to be excited and the sales followed.

After all this cloak and dagger promotional activity, if Nikon don't get it right with these cameras, it could lead to bad things for the company.

I am hoping that these cameras will give us things like:

  • Superior image quality from the full frame sensors
  • Excellent low light photography and video
  • 4K video at a minimum of 60fps
  • 4K video at 10-bit or higher (RAW maybe? No…)
  • Super slow motion video at even just 1080p would be great
  • Lens compatibility (it looks like a completely new mount with free f-mount adapter unless I'm wrong)
  • Great autofocus (especially whilst filming)
  • Good video codec's for editing
  • Touch screen display (I think that's a given judging by the videos)

Video 1 - Travel of Light

This first video might suggest that low light is key. It also blurs the lens mount and sensor. This leaves us guessing about the type of "new" mount it has:

Will it have a standard Nikon mount to appease the millions of current Nikon lens owners? This would certainly appeal and entice them to make a simple switch or addition to their current camera set up.

A completely new lens mount would certainly upset a LOT of people. We'll see.

Video 2 - Mount

Well, it seems we have our answer with regards to the mount. Whereas all Nikon SLR/DSLR's to date have had 3 "indents" in the main connecting mount, this has 4. Let’s hope they also release a suitable adapter…

Video 3 - Body: The Evolution of Nikon Quality

This is a biggie. Some of the mirrorless camera bodies released have left many thinking "why"? They are either too small or too big or simply the wrong shape.

If many people are to move over from the DSLR system to a mirrorless camera, it needs to be all things to all people. Impossible yes?

For me, I like the shape and feel of the Panasonic GH5 although it is a little small for me. I also like the Sony A7 range but the bodies are a little too "thin" and "sharp" for my liking.

I would like to see something a little smaller than a pro/semi pro DSLR but big enough to fit in my hands and house a ton of cool features.

Sony have had problems with overheating in the past. Perhaps Nikon could add water-cooling inside the body? After all, the new Samsung phone and phablet ranges have liquid cooling.

The final shot of the body suggests that it could be a reasonable size and shape. Hopefully it houses some pretty neat features and tricks!

Video 4 - Lens

Not much to this video other than to suggest a new range of lenses is coming (possibly):

Again, if they do introduce a completely new range of lenses with a new mount, they'd better have an adapter ; )

Video 5 - Photographers

Well, the giveaway in this video is a photographer saying he can still use his Nikon F-mount lenses on this new camera. However, the images shown when he says this do not show the actual mounting. Again, this would suggest to me that you may need an adapter.

Nikon Mirrorless Camera 2018 Announcement

Nikon Mirrorless Camera 2018 Announcement

So anyway, you don’t have long to wait as the announcement is coming very soon. I for one am pretty excited to see what they give us but what do you think?

  • Are you a Nikon DSLR user looking to switch to mirrorless?
  • Do you use another brand and could be persuaded to move over to Nikon?
  • What would you like to see?

Update 2021: Obviously now ended but left for archive value. Go to Nikon's announcement page for more information and to see the live streaming event on August 23rd (JST 01:00pm/GMT +09:00). 

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