October 1, 2013

New Go Pro HD Hero 3+

Have Go Pro Gone the Way of Apple Products?

Go Pro HD Hero 3+

Just like with the iPhone 4 to 4s and 5 to 5s, Go Pro have today announced an incremental upgrade. This is to the already popular Go Pro HD Hero 3 Black and Silver editions being the Go Pro HD Hero 3+.

I was expecting an announcement of a new Go Pro but I genuinely though it would be the Go Pro HD Hero 4 and not an "s" version...or + in this case : (

So, what have Go Pro added to the Hero 3 to make me want to part with my hard earned?

The first thing that I noticed, and one that is a "bitter sweet" upgrade, is the fact that they have once again made the camera smaller. Now this will appeal to a lot of people but for those like me who have invested in various accessories, this could be a real pain!

Is the case is smaller meaning you will need to buy another skeleton case and possibly a new "frame"? Will the new batteries fit the older models? Will the older LCD screen and Battery BacPac fit the new model?

Check out my full rundown of this camera below and find out if I myself will be buying one as I do love the Go Pro family:

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