September 1, 2018

Best Place to Buy Pocket Wizard Transmitters

It Pays to Shop Around When Buying Your Electronics

A Rant About UK Prices for Electronics

I don't know if you live in the UK and have noticed this but we are being ripped off. Well, a lot of the time anyway. In fact what happened when I went to buy a Pocket Wizard Flex TT6 really annoyed me about UK pricing.

Lately, we seem to pay pretty much the same in £'s as we do in $'s.

Pocket Wizard Flex TT6

I can definitely remember a time when the UK buying price was always less than the Dollar amount. For example, a camera that cost $2,000 in the US would be around £1,600 in the UK.

Anyway, I digress but more on that later.

I have been using the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV for a while now and love it for stills. However, on a recent property shoot it was obvious that my Flex TT5 Pocket Wizards wouldn't play nicely with it. They were intermittent and sometimes wouldn't fire at all.

A bit of research showed that rather than a firmware update, I needed the new Pocket Wizard Flex TT6. This unit is not only compatible with the 5D Mark IV but also backwards compatible with the Flex TT5. Nice. I was worried that I would need to replace my entire set up.

UK vs USA for Pocket Wizard Flex TT6 Pricing

So, I went to my favourite online shopping place, Amazon, and did a search. I always try to buy locally or at least in the UK where I can so I searched Google for other outlets too.

I found various prices for the TT6 (prices updated July 2021):

Quite varied already with a £53.31 difference. Like I said, I like to buy in the UK when I can so I bought the Flex TT6 from Amazon. However...

Later, I did another search, this time in the US after seeing an Amazon ad. I found the Flex TT6 at Amazon US for just £134 ($186)! I duly cancelled my UK order and bought from the US instead whilst saving over £60 on one unit!!!

Pocket Wizard Flex TT6 Amazon US

That included shipping and an import duty deposit. Even if the import duty is a little more, that is a huge saving over the UK prices. The seller has a 100% lifetime rating with over 24,000 products sold so I feel pretty safe with this purchase.

Am I Being Dumb?

That is such a huge difference, I am waiting for someone to tell me I have made a huge mistake. However, I will wait until the unit arrives and update this post.

Another Example of Rip Off Britain

(Note 2022: This was from 2018. Prices have now changed): Take the recently released Nikon Z7 as another example. Most places such as Jessops are selling the Nikon Z7 for £3,399. What are the US selling it for? Well, the Nikon Z7 Mirrorless Digital Camera at B & H Photo Video is selling for $3,396.95! That is LESS than the UK figure in £££'s!

Using today's exchange rate of 1.3 Dollars to the Pound, we should be looking at around £2600!

With that difference of £800, I could easily:

  • Fly to New York
  • Buy the Nikon Z7
  • Stay overnight and play with the camera in a cool city
  • Ditch the box and fly home or even pay the import duty at customs
  • Still save money!

Yeah, yeah, currency exchange rates and all that, I know but...

Am I missing something here? Am I being dumb? I know I used to pay a lot less than the US prices in the past. I would really appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks for reading today's rant and please share and comment below.

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