Photographing the Hallway and Stairs

Not Officially "Rooms" But Still Shoot The Hallway and Stairs

Photographing the Hallway and Stairs Mansion

Once you have finished upstairs, assuming there is just bathrooms, bedrooms and terraces, have a quick check to find any other interesting features;

  • Does the upstairs have a large hallway or landing?
  • Is there a study or office?
  • What about a loft conversion?
  • Any interesting windows or lighting?
  • Is the stairway a feature worth photographing?

As you move about the house, always keep your eyes peeled for any special feature that the house has. Anything different that you can photograph will almost certainly create more interest to the future viewers.

See how the light hits the stairs or landing and work out the most aesthetic viewpoint. Look up, look down and behind you and make sure that you haven’t missed anything before you lug all of your gear back downstairs.

Please take time to "sniff out" these extras, you will receive nothing but praise for your efforts and these efforts will be remembered!

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