Property Photography Marketing

An Essential Part of Your Property Photography Business

Property Photography Marketing


The most essential part of any business is effective, pro-active and aggressive marketing. Just how "aggressive" you want to be is up to you. Don't let these words scare you off, it is just terminology.

It all depends on the size of market you are after, local, National or maybe even International. It is your call. Even if you are just looking to start off as a local photographer in your area, you still need to be seen and heard. Otherwise, you are just another “hobbyist” or serious amateur.

You need to get professional and that is where good property photography marketing comes in. The good news now is that this is a great time to start a photography business. Especially in property photography.

With the incredible surge and introduction of digital into the photography world, many "old school" photographers hung up their cameras. I for one know two, one of which has over 20 years experience! The reason is that they were used to taking the photos and simply sending the films off to a lab for processing.

Then they had to go digital. This brought pressure from clients who wanted the images immediately. With that, a lot of photographers simply couldn't keep up. They found it hard to get to grips with having to process and enhance their photos in Photoshop for themselves. Now is the time to step in with your expert knowledge.

It's always a good time to start

It is always a good time to get into property photography. The biggest and most active market in the world right now is property. As we generally get more and more disposable income, people are starting to buy second homes, buy to let, buying abroad, holiday homes, refurbishments and so on. All of these need to be photographed at some point.

In your circle of photography friends either online or off, how many are wedding or portrait photographers? Most right? How many are property photographers? Very few I suspect! It is a very niche market in an ever and fast growing hobby and profession. Why start out by pushing so hard for weddings and portraits, when you can enter this market now and the weddings and portrait work will come naturally.

In the last decade or so, Digital SLR sales have gone through the roof. Now is the time to brush up on your skills and get ahead of the game. Do what the others are NOT doing. Go for a more niche and narrow market. Become the best at what you do. After all, it can also be very lucrative.

I will show you areas where you can push your property photography marketing and improve your skills plus give ideas for creating work and referrals that will just keep coming. What you have to do is put in the effort and time; nothing is handed to you on a plate these days ; )

Update: 2018/2019

I have just been taken on by a local estate agent and have my second shoot with them this week. Properties ranging from one bedroomed flats up to huge mansions. I am also doing aerial photography and video for properties so check out our aerial pages.

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