Photographing Bedrooms

Property Photography and Shooting the Bedroom

Photographing Bedrooms

Photographing Bedrooms - The bedrooms are normally fairly straightforward and present few problems. Depending on the size of the property, I normally take photos of just the master bedroom, or the master and one other. The agents can only get so many images in their window, on the web and in their promotional literature.

I would say that the bedroom is one of the most important aspects of any property. After all, it is the first thing that you see every day when you wake up and it is where most people spend about a third of their life.

It is also one of the main images a person or couple will look at when deciding to view a property. Making it look appealing and inviting therefore, is important.

Try to show off its best features;

  • Is it bright, south facing and gets a lot of sunshine?
  • Does it have big bright windows?
  • Does it have an en-suite bathroom you could incorporate into the shot?
  • How big is the bed?
  • Does it have a walk-in wardrobe?
  • What are the views like?
  • What is the lighting like?
  • Would a stitched shot help here?
  • Does it have a terrace or any other interesting features?

Take a good look before you set up the lights etc. If need be, take 2 or 3 shots from different angles, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Remember that wherever you set up your camera to use the same lighting arrangement as mentioned earlier. Set both studio lights both sides, and as close to the camera as possible. You want to try and fire the lights straight through the cameras field of view to create the least amount of shadows.

If the main bedroom happens to be quite small, try the method of bounced flash as discussed in the previous bathroom section. You should have enough power to cope.

One tip for a different kind of shot is this;

Imagine you live in the house and wake up in the bed. What do you see, what is the view from the actual bed? If it is nice, set the camera up on the tripod, and on the centre of the bed itself in front of or in place of the pillows. Use a self timer function either on the camera on via a cable release to take the shot.

Set up the lights accordingly to best light the view. You may have to place on light either side of the bed, facing where the camera is facing. It will probably take a few shots to get right but it should look great and not many people think of it.

If it doesn't come out exactly straight, don't worry, you can adjust and straighten later in Photoshop.

Also, check to see if it is daylight outside or dusk/night when photographing bedrooms. Work out if it is best to have the curtains open or closed, views or no views. Try both if you have time but remember to turn on all the room lights either way. Clear away any clutter and/or personal items. Make the bedclothes look presentable and generally get the image looking neat and tidy.

Are there any special features in the bedrooms?

  • Fireplace?
  • En-suite bathroom?
  • Antique furniture?
  • Chandelier?
  • Terrace?
  • Walk-in wardrobe?

Basically anything that shows off the room and its potential, photograph it. Don't be afraid to get in close and isolate any interesting features.

Finally, remember to leave the room as you found it.

Photographing Bedrooms
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