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You've Done the Learning, Now Get Out and Do It!

Property Photography And Finally

You now have enough information to keep you busy for a while and start to build and grow your business. Remember that it is your own hard work and passion for photography that will determine your success. Photography is an amazing hobby and even if it takes 2-3 years to convert this hobby into a career, so what?

If you finally end up working and doing what you love for a living, life just couldn't be better. How many people do you know that really enjoy their jobs? How many people put in extra, unpaid hours because they want to?

With a bit of hard work and perseverance, you could join the ranks of a few hard working people that wake up and look forward to starting work.

Work from home

For me, I work from home and have been known to get up at 6am or earlier and start working. If I have nothing much on, I go and capture a sunrise or two. Maybe I will shoot some stock photography and process and upload/send off the same day!

If you have the studio equipment, there is nothing stopping you from doing the same.

Make sure that you do things properly from the start and register your business as a business with the relevant authorities. Get yourself some nice stationery together and give out and use at every opportunity.

Keep going, even when things are slow. Always have your camera with you no matter what you are doing.

Shoot stock on the side

You never know when a fantastic stock image or sell-able picture may appear and it is vital that everyone around you sees you with your camera as often as possible. After a while it will become second nature for them to tell other people about you and your passion for your work.

Even if I am popping to the bank, I take my camera, everyone knows me here and are amazed if I don't have it with me.

Through doing this I have received some great job offers from people I meet along the way.

The opportunities are endless and very exciting, and one of the best ways to get out and about and seen by all, is to start with everything that you have learned here. Use the information we have given you and go out and practice as much as you can.

Get inspired!

What about your own property or that of friends? Use the local church to encounter and overcome obstacles such as lighting in large, dark environments. Study property photography online and try to work out how the great images were taken. What lighting did they use? Where did they place the lights? Look at the angles and any Photoshop work that had to be done.

Do your best to create images similar to those you aspire to in the magazines and glossy brochures. As I mentioned, a career shooting properties is great fun, not too much pressure and most importantly, it gets you out there in the big wide world!

And finally, I wish you all the best and hope that you succeed in all your endeavours with this wonderful career! You never know, you may end up shooting properties like this all day long (see below):

Nick Stubbs

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Property Photography And Finally

Kind Words...

Thanks Nick amazing information so very helpful you are a superstar.

Natalie Day

Thanks Nick for all these information about Property photography. You have presented it very clearly and simple. I am so inspired now and full of energy to start working.

Eliane Rocha

Hi from Canada. Thanks Nick for this informative and detailed tutorial. I learned a lot and am excited to get started. I especially appreciated the Photoshop tips and the "How Who What" section.

Dorine Empringham Lichti

Great Mini-Course! Thank you so very much for this guide!

Deidre Lin

Greetings from Sydney, I don't normally leave comments on websites but I have to say thanks very much for taking the time to create this guide!

It's been very interesting and inspirational to read!

May karma bring good things your way!

Best wishes

Jamie Robinson

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