May 23, 2021

Photography Courses in Dorset

DSLR Training and Stock Photography Courses in Weymouth, Dorset

Photography Courses in Dorset

Long exposure shot of me with off camera flash taken by student

Photography courses are becoming more and more popular lately. More people are looking for ways to fill their time but also learn new skills. Improving your photography can help with promoting your business, selling on eBay, making money through stock photography, selling prints or just having fun!


If there was one silver lining to the whole Covid episode of 2020/21, it was time. Over those past 18 months, I had more time to get out and photograph and film things for myself. Of course, I also had commercial shoots during that period but my love of photography and filmmaking went through the roof.

I never realised that I missed shooting for myself until I had time forced upon me. Very early morning walks along Weymouth Esplanade. Catching the sunrise with my drones. I have also updated a lot of my kit which helped to reignite that passion.


Just before Covid struck, I had planned and organised hotels and conference rooms for photography courses and video training. I was also planning to incorporate the art of website building and maintenance. 

The idea was to training creatives on how to make a living from media and build a website to promote your work. A website that gets found!

Post Covid

Now that we are on the other side, I am looking to start those photography courses up again. I may well start with one to ones for now building to full group courses once we have the "all clear".

General Photography Training

Whether you have a new DSLR, DSLM (Digital Single Lens Mirrorless) or other camera, it doesn't matter. The principles are the same whether you use a £3000 DSLR, bridge camera, mirrorless or modern smartphone with professional photography app installed.

It's more about light, composition, angles and "an eye" for a photo than what equipment you use. However, you will learn on the course just what having better, more modern, more specialist and sadly more expensive kit can do.

So here is what we will do but please bear in mind I won't be promoting this page just yet. If you have found it via the web, great. Please get in touch and we can organise a one to one lesson or get you on the list for group courses.

The Camera and Photography Basics

Have you just received a new DSLR or mirrorless camera for Christmas? Have you had one for a while and finally decided you would like to put it to better use. To finally come out of "auto" mode? This course is designed to teach you all the basics and lead you onto bigger and better things.

We cover:

  • Camera modes - Auto, aperture priority, shutter priority, manual, sports, landscape, close up, portrait
  • Everyday shooting - What to look for and how to shoot it
  • Black and White Photography - Timeless!
  • Composition - Don't just stand there! Learn how to "see" a photo just about anywhere!
  • Lenses - You have the ability to add just about any lens to your new camera, you now need to understand what you need and why
  • Lighting - Probably the single most important aspect of any art form
  • Flash photography - Understand how the light works and how you can control it
  • Digital Imaging - Touching on uploading to a PC and using Photoshop/other editing software
  • Cleaning and maintenance - With DSLR's comes dust. Plus you may find yourself getting down and dirty now that you know what to do to get those special shots

Stock Photography Course for Beginners

Stock Photography Course Weymouth

Now you have learned the ins and outs of your DSLR, you are probably looking at ways to earn money from it. A lot of people do!

One way that is accessible to everyone, is stock photography. Once you learn what is involved, you can work at your own pace. You can gradually build up a small residual, monthly income that just keeps coming in. 

On this 2 day, intensive course, we cover:

  • Introduction
  • Equipment
  • Traditional vs. Microstock
  • Agencies
  • Exclusive or Non Exclusive?
  • Go it alone?
  • Licensed, Royalty Free or Rights Managed
  • Standards
  • The Images, concepts, topics and subjects
  • Rejections
  • Lighting
  • Colours
  • Composition, macro, wide...
  • Camera Settings
  • RAW/Jpeg Processing
  • Photoshop, Finishing touches and attention to detail
  • Noise/Grain
  • Keywording and adding info
  • Upload only your best
  • Consistency
  • Competition and inspiration
  • Setting up your own studio
  • Copyright, Trademarks and the Law
  • Getting seen
  • Staying ahead of the game
  • Earnings

Will I earn money from selling stock photos?

Attendees from previous courses have had some good results. One attendee even expressed how the course has made his photography in general much better. This is because he now looks more into the finer details of what he is shooting.

Caveat: The world of stock photography has changed. It used to be that you simply shot anything, uploaded it to agencies and the selling started.

Not so much now.

I recommend using just one agency which we cover on the course and also expanding your outlets. There are some surprising and easy to access alternatives to using stock agencies now that work very well.

Stock photography still has "legs"...let's put it that way : )

So, why not start off your new found freedom to becoming a better photographer though our photography courses and earn maybe even money from your photography (and video)? I am also teaching WordPress website creation and SEO for your new photography/media business.

Finally, one to one courses are bespoke and we can tailor your course to your needs. If you wish, we can incorporate any of the following: weddings, stock, general photography, websites, SEO, video and drone work.

Please either comment/ask any questions or fill out the form below  (leave a phone number if you would like me to call you). I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting you soon!

Nick Stubbs Photography Courses in Dorset


I'm  Nick Stubbs

I've been a photographer since the age of thirteen and a professional since around 1994. I specialise in commercial, wedding and stock photography but I also do a lot of video work both on the ground and using drones. Camera mad, love guitars and still learning even after all these years!

Get in touch below and we can arrange some one to one training or get you on the group courses list.

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