February 13, 2021

DJI’s New FPV Drone

This is the long-awaited and much anticipated FPV drone from DJI!

DJI FPV Drone and Goggles

Image Credit: Muhammad Hazriq

A First Person View or FPV drone is a UAV that is flown by using compatible goggles and not by sight of the drone itself. This is akin to many headset computer games of old and is why we recommend you fly FPV in a simulator before flying the DJI FPV drone for real.

Why is FPV so exciting (for me anyway)?

FPV drones add a whole new look to aerial video and footage. Unlike the steady, cinematic look to standard drone footage, FPV footage is fast and furious! If you played with flight simulators with goggles on your XBox, you will know and understand the thrill of this "virtual reality".

However, flying a real-life, expensive and potentially dangerous drone using goggles in the real world is quite different to flying in a sim! You need to be aware of people, property and your surroundings at all times whilst following the rules for your country.

All the drones I have flown stay stable, on a level flight path...i.e. horizontal. FPV drones are capable of so much more including spinning, barrel rolls, flying straight up or straight down some cliffs or the side of a building.

Check out this amazing footage from a FPV drone and see for yourself.

Sample cinematic FPV footage

Can you see now why I am so excited? 

Can you imagine the type of footage I (or you) can offer clients now? I am as excited for this as I was when I bought my first DJI Phantom 2 drone back in 2014. Of course, I understand that there is a steep learning curve ahead of me which is why you will see me stuck in a simulator for the next few weeks!

FPV drone speed

First Person View drones are all about speed, excitement and dramatic footage. FPV racing drones reach speeds of up to 120mph and are not for the faint hearted! It is rumoured that the new DJI FPV drone will fly around 150km/h which is fast enough for most people. 

Advantages of RTF (ready to fly) FPV drones

Previously if you wanted to fly FPV drones, you needed a bunch of skills other than simply flying it. You would need to buy the drone in kit form, grab a soldering iron and get to work building it and putting it together in such a way that it actually worked. 

When I first got into drones, I had on order a DJI Flame Wheel drone that looked like lego and required a Go Pro camera to be bolted on somewhere. Very basic.

DJI Flame Wheel 550 Kit

Luckily, just before I completed that order, the DJI Phantom was released. You still needed to add a Go Pro but the features were incredible. Later, DJI started to add their own cameras and the first pure ready to fly drone was born.

This is where the DJI FPV drone sits. No need for "home builds" any more as this new drone is ready to fly with the drone, high definition goggles and controller included right out of the box!

DJI FPV drone specs

The following specifications for the DJI FPV drone are only rumoured right now but many feel are fairly accurate as more leaks are revealed.

Rumoured Features

DJI FPV Drone Kit


4k 60fps


6 Cell, 22.2 Volt / 2000 mAh Lithium

Flight Time 

21 Minutes


Yes, Return to Home

Image Transmission 

High Definition, Low Latency


2-Axis with Lock Feature?

Top Speed 



$1500 US/£1200-£1400 GBP?

DJI FPV Drone Whats In the Box

Image Credit: Muhammad Hazriq

DJI FPV Drone Summary

Yes, I am excited about this FPV drone. I have flown standard drones since 2014 and will now immerse myself into the wonderful, exciting world of FPV. The footage from these amazing bits of kit will add yet another string to my imaging business bow.

I am certain that the original, die hard FPV crowd will be slapping their foreheads at this news. After all, they are the ones that have spent countless hours with soldering irons, sweat and tears getting their drones to the standard they are. They are the ones that have experienced multiple crashes and repairs to get the industry where it is.

I for one am grateful that they have helped bring this new style of drone to the masses (albeit unwittingly no doubt). Still, their work is appreciated so thank you : )

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Are you a drone pilot and if so, will you be entering the FPV world any time soon? Please leave your comments below and please share this article with your friends. 

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